Euro 2020 – Player Performance Ratings (United Player Watch Final pt. 2)

This week I’ll be giving my player reviews and ratings for every United player from this summer’s Euros. This will end the Euro 2020 series. I’m sure I’ll be writing something similar for the World Cup next winter. Still quite odd the World Cup will be in winter, let alone in Qatar as well. But, oh well I guess. Let’s get into it and take a look at how each of the Red Devils performed this summer.

Euro 2020 – Players to be Left Out

There are a few players I will not be giving a full review. Those players include Dylan Levitt, David De Gea, and Dean Henderson. I’ll be leaving these players out just due to their lack of game time. Really hard to review a player’s performance if they rarely ever see the pitch. Although I will say a little bit about these lads.

David De Gea did not see the pitch for the entirety of the tournament, but he is a quality keeper yet. Henderson will most likely be the number 1 this season, but De Gea can give him a run for his money. I hope De Gea can get back to his best, but there is little hope at this point. As for his rival for the number 1 at United, Dean Henderson, also did not see the field this summer. Although this was mainly due to his age and England already having a long established number one. Many have criticized Pickford and thought Henderson could take his place, but with how well the Evertonian seems to play for his country that may take some time.

Lastly, Dylan Levitt did see the field this summer, but only in the group stage and with limited minutes. Levitt looked decent when he did play, typically later in games. Considering his age, lack of minutes for his club, and the stage in which he was on this summer, I’d say he performed pretty well. The young lad could develop into something someday. Perhaps he’ll never be a starter for United, but he certainly has a future in the sport at a high level.

Euro 2020 – Victor Lindelof

Alright, the first player we’re taking a look at is the Swedish centre half Victor Lindelof. The Swede had a very good Euro’s overall, and certainly has shown the capability of being United’s number 2 at the back. Although, it is important to recognize that Sweden plays extremely defensive allowing players like Lindelof to stay back in the box for most of the match. Lindelof’s biggest problem with United is his inability to pass through the midfield and getting caught out of position in and outside of the box. Lindelof has pace but not enough to make up for many of his positioning mistakes with United. But, when playing with a team like Sweden, which sits back, he’s able to concentrate on fewer things. With Sweden he can stay put most of the time and has many other players helping him defend.

Let’s not take all the punch out of Lindelof’s summer though. The lad did have a good tournament overall, and started out with a man of the match performance. Lindelof clearly has the capability be a top centre half in the world, but he needs to polish quite a few things. I think he’ll be great to keep around United for depth and potential further development, but United does need another centre half to partner Maguire. With the arrival of Raphael Varane likely to push the Swede out of his place, he’ll either have to accept his role or leave. Love him or hate him though, Lindelof is Swedens best centre back.

Player Rating= 8/10

Victor Lindelöf on Twitter: "ᴏꜰꜰ ᴛᴏ ᴀ ɢᴏᴏᴅ ꜱᴛᴀʀᴛ ᴀᴛ ᴛʜᴇ ᴇᴜʀᴏꜱ.… "

Euro 2020 – Daniel James

James had a terrific Euro 2020 and if he didn’t convince Solskjaer he deserves a place in the United squad, he certainly increased his market value. The Welshman was one of Wales most creative and attacking players this summer. You could argue he had a much greater impact on the team than his Welsh counterpart Gareth Bale. James played with intensity, utilizing his always prolific pace and his crossing ability looks as if it’s improved from last season already. In fact, the Wales manager was quoted saying how James was extremely important to the way his team plays. There was also a point just before the knockout stage where some pundits claimed James created the biggest headache of any player for opposing managers.

I still see James as a decent squad player for United, but I also believe he could fetch the club a decent price if sold. James is certainly a player capable of playing week in, week out for a top club, just maybe not to the heights of United. Although, if he’s willing to accept not starting every week he would be a great player to keep around. James can be the next great super sub for United. Perhaps he could even reach the heights of great United super subs like Chicharito and Ole Gunnar Solskjaer.

Player Rating= 8/10

Daniel James confident Wales are capable of upsetting Italy at Euro 2020 |  FourFourTwo

Euro 2020 – Scott McTominay

Alright now let’s discuss our favorite Scotsman who turns out to also be my favorite current player with the club. McTominay is the only player I trust to give the team his heart each and every day. I believe he’s a future leader of United and should one day take the captains armband off of Maguire. McTominay still has so much more room for development and I believe he will earn his place as a week in week out player for the club if he hasn’t already.

This summer saw McTominay and Scotland stumble out of the Euros in the group stage. Although it was not for a lack of trying and McTominay had some stellar performances. In fact I can’t quite recall any instance in which McTominay performed poorly this summer. McTominay showed just how much of team player and leader he is with his country. Scotland had him playing in the midfield and as a centre half. McTominay was vital to his teams success in defense, provided a threat on set pieces, and looked to get forward whenever the opportunity arose. I would’ve loved to see him play more in the midfield this summer, but perhaps Scotland will push him out there in tournaments to come. Considering the countries lack of defenders it does make sense why the big lad played centre half.

I believe this will be a huge year for McTominay at United. This year will also be a do or die year for the lad too. I don’t believe he would ever leave the club, but if McTominay doesn’t secure his spot in the starting lineup this year I fear he never will. Given the signings we are “supposed” to make this summer he will face stiff competition. Although I believe our best 11 even with the potential transfer targets involves McTominay.

Player Rating= 9/10

Scott McTominay urges Scotland squad to take responsibility | FourFourTwo

Euro 2020 – Bruno Fernandes

Now let’s examine our Portuguese magnifico’s summer. Unfortunately, his summer was not too good. Not only did he lose his spot in Portugal’s starting lineup mid tournament, but I fear it was warranted. Fernandes has played more games than any other player over the past year, but this did not look good. I’m sure most of it was fatigue, but he has shown inconsistency at previous clubs. One could also argue that this tail off began earlier this spring with United. I do believe he’ll get back to his old self in no time, especially with this well needed rest, but I do have my fears.

I don’t want to be too down on the lad. Fernandes did have some good plays, and looked to be one of his countries best players in their first match against Hungary. Afterall, Fernandes did play in Ronaldo for a goal and looked like a constant threat. But, it was his performance against Germany that lost him his place in the squad. Fernandes looked to have run out of ideas against the Germans. Although, you could say that for most of the team. And, while he did not start against France or Belgium, he did look threatening when he came on.

Expect to see Fernandes back to his best this year alongside the likes of Sancho, Cavani, and hopefully fellow countryman Ruben Neves. Fernandes will be a star for a long time to come and will play an huge role for United if we are to win anything in the coming years. Unfortunately, after this summer, I do have to give him a poor rating.

Player Rating= 5/10

Why can't Bruno Fernandes fire for Portugal? Cristiano Ronaldo could be  reason behind Manchester United ace struggling at Euro 2020

Euro 2020 – Paul Pogba

Okay it’s time to take a look at Manchester United runaway Paul Pogba. Paul P is rumored to be leaving United this summer for PSG at a price around 50 million pounds. Many believe the club should take the offer and move on. But, some do believe he will be vital to keep around for any success the club hopes to achieve moving forward. Of course, Paul Pogba is a fantastic player and could earn his place in any side, but he just hasn’t shown it enough for United. Pogba looks a different player for France entirely. Although, I do believe it is important to recognize that international football is not as difficult as club football and Pogba is surrounded by world class talent with France. Pogba has shown his best side with United, but he’s far too inconsistent.

I believe it is time to move on from Paul Pogba, but if he is to stay around, then all we can hope is he maintains his form from this summer. Pogba was France’s best player, no question. I’d argue France wouldn’t have made it out of the group stage without him. They also had no place taking Switzerland to extra time if it wasn’t for Poga. Of course Pogba did give away the ball for Switzerland’s equalizer, but France would’ve stayed behind without him. Pogba also produced an absolute stunner against the swiss. These are the tings we know Pogba is capable of, and if he can bring any of that to United on a more consistent basis the club will win things. I don’t believe Pogba will stay, but if he does then all we can do is hope.

Player Rating= 9/10

Watch Paul Pogba score an absolute screamer for France before Man Utd  superstar shows off his dance moves

Euro 2020 – Marcus Rashford

The Three Lions had a fantastic tournament overall, but Marcus Rashford played little part. I’m sure we all assumed Rashford would play more of a role for England this summer. But, Southgate’s instance to play defensively kept him out of the lineup. I believe he could’ve made more of an impact in that system over Sterling or Saka, but Southgate did not see it that way. Perhaps Southgate was concerned about the knocks Rashford is carrying, but you’d think he’d at least get good time off the bench.

In England’s first group match against Croatia, Rashford came off the bench for about a quarter hour. He looked threatening and gave England something different. No one makes more or better forward runs than Rashford. England certainly could’ve used his tenacity and pace against Italy. I guess we’ll never really know why Southgate failed to utilize the full potential on his bench. There’s no way England can fire Southgate now, but for Rashford’s sake I hope Southgate either changes his approach or is replaced. That doesn’t just go for Rashford either, but even the likes of Grealish and Sancho.

Rashford did not play a huge role at the Euro’s but was asked to take one of the most important kicks in his countries history against Italy. Unfortunately, Rashford missed his penalty in embarrassing fashion. I’m sure that miss will weigh on his mind for a long time to come, let’s just hope he bounces back from it well. Rashford may miss the start of the season due to surgery. He’s our boy, our lad, a Mancunian, so I know he’ll come back with a point to prove.

Player Rating= 6/10

English players racially abused after Euros; police investigate - Sports  Illustrated

Euro 2020 – Jadon Sancho

Time to take a look at the new kid Jadon Sancho. Finally the signing was officially confirmed over the past weeks. The young talented Englishman comes back to England from Dortmund with a point to prove. There’s no question Sancho will instantly improve United, and he gives the club an actual right winger by trade. With a full healthy lineup, we can start a quality player in their proper position up and down the pitch. Sancho is world class and his creativity will help United score a bucket load of goals this season. Also, Sancho is very well capable of scoring himself as well.

With regards to the Euros, Sancho much like Rashford, had an underwhelming summer. This wasn’t really his fault, but just a lack of proper game time due to Southgate’s tactics. Although, unlike Rashford, Sancho did get a start this summer. Surprisingly, after garnering 0 minutes the entire group stage, Southgate started Sancho on the right against Ukraine in the quarter finals. Sancho did not disappoint, and looked a constant threat for the Three Lions. His performance against Ukraine makes his lack of minutes throughout the tournament even more surprising. Sancho also unfortunately missed his penalty against Italy. All we can do as United fans is hope that miss lights a fire in the young lad. I can’t wait to see Sancho play for United this season.

Player Rating= 6/10

Jadon Sancho: Manchester United agree fee with Borussia Dortmund for England  forward - report - Eurosport

Euro 2020 – Harry Maguire

Time to take a look at our club captain. Harry Maguire had a fantastic Euro 2020, especially considering he came back from injury during the tournament. It was certainly unfortunate Maguire had to miss the Europa League final through injury but it was good he was able to play a big role with England this summer. Coming back from injury in the tournament and turning out the performances he did, just proved he’s ready to come back to United strong.

Maguire led the backline with Shaw to his left, and formed a good looking centre back partnership with John Stones. Maguire was also able to find his goal scoring touch on headers, scoring against Ukraine in the quarterfinals. And he was a constant threat in the air for the Three Lions, and was fantastic at winning aerial challenge in his own box. Stones was vital to Maguires success, along with Kyle Walker. With the speed of Walker and Stones, it allowed Maguire to get further forward and plays those fantastic balls from the back. Maguire also displayed his leadership and calm demeanor by absolutely burying his penalty against Italy in the final. Overall it was just a great tournament for old slab head.

I expect to see Maguire come back to United and take an even bigger step forward in his career. Especially with the signing of Raphael Varane, which will give Maguire that ability he has with England to get forward more. Magure will no longer have to worry about making up ground all of the time. The Maguire-Varane partnership could certainly become the best centre back partnership in the world, but only time will tell.

Player Rating= 9/10

Harry Maguire was England's leader vs Germany - he has repaid Gareth  Southgate's faith - Andy Dunn - Mirror Online

Euro 2020 – Luke Shaw

Alright, Luke Shaw was our best player of the tournament. Not only was he the best United player at the tournament, but the best English player. Shaw took his career to the next level last season and this summer was his coming out party to the world. I firmly believe he will come back to United and perform as the best left back in the league. Shaw is not only a good defender but his forward runs, crosses, and link up lay are just world class. Also, Shaw has a tremendous ability to maintain possession in tight areas and even get it out of messy situations. In fact it was Shaws ability to keep a hold of the ball and find a teammate with a pass from a tight situation that started the move for England’s opener in the final. Shaw is playing on another level right now.

Luke Shaw had 1 goal and 3 assists in 6 appearances for the Three Lions. Shaw also had an average of 2 key passes and 2 crosses per match. Making the United left back one of England’s best chance creation players. All of the praise over the course of the tournament was heaped upon the likes of Raheem Sterling, but the true hero for the Three Lions was Luke Shaw. I believe we’re all expecting big things from Shawberto Carlos this season.

Player Rating= 10/10 (has to be!)

NMA Spotlight: Luke Shaw - Manchester United Left-Back - Never Manage Alone

The Recap

Euro 2020 was amazing this year, and well needed after the long 2020 the whole world had. The Tournament supplied us all with extreme highs and lows. From extreme drama to pure ecstasy this tournament had everything. We had the darling Danes, and saw how the entire footballing world came together to support Christian Eriksen. Then we saw the entire world come to the support of young players like Marcus Rashford and Jadon Sancho after experiencing racial abuse. We just literally felt the entire world come together for this tournament. Let’s hope the World Cup in 2022 gives us even better memories. Lastly, this summer was fantastic for many of our Red Devils and I hope it propels them into a fantastic 2021/22 campaign. Glory Glory Man United!

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