When we started to fall in love with the beautiful game and the greatest team in world football, we knew very little about the singing tradition in English football. Now, after 10+ trips across the pond, we only stand in the Stretford end and sing until our voices are no more. If you are going to travel to watch some live matches you need to learn the Manchester United songs & chants by heart.

It’s time to dust off those windpipes and get ready to sing your heart out for the greatest team in the world. Below is the American Red Devil Song & Chant guide for those fans looking to travel to Manchester United home or away matches.

Ole’s at the Wheel – Fulham Away February ’19 (We are in the sixth row behind the net)

The Foundational Manchester United Songs & Chants

These are the first songs fans usually learn and are the easiest. You will know these songs if you watch games in pubs or have traveled to Manchester.

Glory Glory Man United

Glory Glory Man United!

Glory Glory Man United!

Glory Glory Man United!

And the Reds go Marching

On! On! On!

Twenty Times

Twenty Times, Twenty Times Man United!

Twenty Times, Twenty Times I Say!

Twenty Times, Twenty Times Playing Football the Busby Way!

United are the Team for Me


United Are The Team for Me!

With A Knick Knack Paddy Whack Give A Dog A Bone!

Why Don’t City Fuck Off Home

We Love United

We Love United, We Do!

We Love United, We Do!

We Love United, We Do!

Oh, United We Love You!

Manchester is Wonderful

Oh Manchester! – Oh Manchester!

Is Wonderful! – Is Wonderful!

Oh Manchester Is Wonderful!

It’s Full of Tits, Fanny and United!

Oh Manchester Is Wonderful Full

Note: This song is usually sung on repeat while switching out “Manchester” for Other Towns and Wonderful” for Cheeky Banter. A few examples of modifiers are below and in the embeded video.

“Merseyside is Full of Shit” / “It’s Full of Shit, Shit and More Shit”

“Allen Road is Full of Sheep” / “It’s Full of Shit, Shit and More Shit”

“The Council House is Never Full” / “Unless they Play Man United”

“The San Siro is Never Full” / “Unless they are Play Man United”

We Do What We Want

We Do What We Want!

We Do What We Want!

We’re Man United!

We Do What We Want!

The Advanced “Away” Songs & Chants

These Manchester United songs & chants are known by heart by hardcore fans – often featured in local Manchester Pubs (Bishop’s Blaze & The Trafford), the Stretford End and with the Away Support.

United Calypso

Manchester, Manchester United!

A Bunch of Bouncing Busby Babes,

They Deserve to be Knighted!

If Ever They are Playing in Your Town,

You Must Get to that Football Ground!

Take a Lesson Come and See, Football Taught by Matt Busby!

Manchester United songs go hand in hand with the clubs rich history. If you are interested in reading more about Manchester United’s history check out our history page here.