When we started to fall in love with the beautiful game and the greatest team in the world, we knew very little about the singing tradition in English football. Now, after 10+ trips across the pond, we only stand in the Stretford end and sing until our voices are no more. If you are going to travel to watch some live matches you need to learn the Manchester United songs & chants by heart.

Fans have been singing in Europe to support their football clubs since the late 1800s. One of the earliest songs with the lyrics “We’ve won the cup before – many a time” was sung by Blackburn Rovers fans before their 1891 FA Cup Final. Over the years different melodies have been adopted by fans in the terraces to create unique songs to support their clubs and players.

Manchester United Away Fans in full voice

We have done our research to give you the American Red Devils: Manchester United Song & Chants Survival Guide. This is not a complete record, but we promise if you learn this list you will be in good hands at any Manchester United match. Below the different songs are broken up into three main categories 1, Manchester United Songs 2, Manchester United Player Songs, and 3. Manchester United Rivals Songs.

It’s time to dust off those windpipes, grab a dark ale and get ready to sing your heart out for the greatest team in the world.

1. Foundational Manchester United Songs & Chants

These are the first songs fans usually learn and are the easiest. You will know these songs if you watch games in pubs or have traveled to Manchester.

Glory Glory Man United!

United! United! United!

Twenty Times!

United Are The Team For Me!

We Love United

Manchester Is Wonderful

We Do What We Want

Take Me Home, United Road

2. “Away” Manchester United Songs & Chants

These Manchester United songs & chants are known by heart by hardcore fans – often featured in local Manchester Pubs (Bishop’s Blaze & The Trafford), the Stretford End, and of course with the Away Support.

United Calypso

Ole’s At The Wheel

Oh What A Night (1999 UCL Final)

Who The F*ck Are Man United?

We Are The Busby Boys

Every Single One Of Us Loves Alex Ferguson

The Pride of All Europe

We’ve Seen It All, We’ve Won The Lot

Were Going To Wembley!

Stretford End Arising

We Shall Not Be Moved

3. Manchester United Player Songs

Some of the best Manchester United songs are for specific players, these are sung in full voice when a player scores a goal, starts warming up, or just for kicks. Some United legends still have songs that are sung at Old Trafford to this day!

Current Player Songs

Bruno! Bruno! Bruno!

Harry Maguire!

Tony Martial Came From France!

Rashford Is Red!

Edinson Cavani

Manchester United Legends

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer

Wayne Rooney

Paul Scholes

Nemanja Vidic

Eric Cantona

Christiano Ronaldo

George Best

4. Manchester United Rival Songs

Manchester City

Kicking A Blue

The City Is Yours?!


Build A Bonfire


Hollow! Hollow! Hollow!


We ALL Hate Leeds Scum

Manchester United songs go hand in hand with the club’s rich history. If you are interested in reading more about Manchester United’s history check out our history page here.