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Hello Everyone! My name is Michael and I am more than excited to be contributing to the American Red Devils Website. I will be covering a wide variety of topics, including my takes on matches (both at the senior and youth levels), my opinions of the overall direction of the club, and even the occasional analytical analysis (I am a math teacher by trade).

I currently live in the St. Louis area. The city has had quite the growing soccer community with the likes of the Scott Gallagher youth soccer programs, and the USL team St. Louis FC. Also, the city of St. Louis was just awarded an MLS franchise a few months back, so needless to say, it is a pretty exciting time to be a football fan in this area.

Why Manchester United?

I became a Manchester United fan when I was a young kid. I grew up in a rural farming community, so naturally the main sport everyone talks about is American football. A friend of mine moved into the area from out of town who was a huge football fan, and he introduced me to his favorite team, Manchester United. I was instantly drawn to the tradition and history of the club.

The larger than life figures like Sir Alex Ferguson, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo, just to name a few. I mean their badge even has an iconic look to it. The more I learned about the club, the more drawn I was to it. My favorite player to watch growing up was Cristiano Ronaldo. He was absolutely electric!

The pace, the skill, the flair, he had it all. My favorite goals of his in a Manchester United uniform has to be when he scored twice against Arsenal to “hush” the crowd. I always tried to emulate his swagger myself when I played. Needless to say, it got me a few yellow cards in recreational league soccer…

Manchester United Today

Manchester United have THE best fans in the world. One of the biggest reasons is because this is a club built on tradition and rich history that was built from hard work, dedication and teamwork. I believe these characteristics naturally reflect the fan base as well. Our fans feel more like a family, and there are very few other football clubs that can say that.

Even though these have been some trying times in recent days, our club will always remain strong, in both the good times and the bad, for one reason alone, the fans!

Forever Manchester United.


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