Ole Has Lost Control

Sometimes, when things don’t go right, you go left. Other times when things are going bad, you take a PJ back to your home country instead of figuring out what the fuck you are doing wrong as a manager in charge of the greatest club in the world. Oh, did I showcase my anger already at our witless manager? Yikes. I told myself I’d give it until the 2nd paragraph before I slated the manager. This International break has all the makings of a “so this is all you could think of, huh?” when United return to action in 2 weeks. Ole has completely lost it, and I don’t get why people still think he isn’t the problem.

Ole Straight Up Sucks

People really thought this team had title aspirations… How fucking stupid. Jk I thought we were gonna win the title this year too, but I overlooked the biggest impediment – our “Manager.” I put quotations because I don’t even know what to call Ole. There is no doubt he has a job at United, but I can’t say much else definitively. Everything we thought he was when he first came onto the scene, he isn’t now. “I can’t wait, he’s gonna play attacking football,” became shut outs at home and 7 defensive players. “He is a great player manager, can keep players happy,” turned into icing out numerous players for ambiguous reasons and showing signs of deep-rooted favoritism. “He knows how to handle the press,” morphed into softball questions, non-answers, and recklessly smiling at post match press conferences. Just face it. Ole is not what he once was.

I genuinely believe Ole and his gang of misfit coaches are not good at coaching football. We had those 12-18 months of Vibes FC where nothing could go wrong because as long as we were having fun, that’s all that mattered. Why don’t you spam my social media feed more with players and coaches having a jolly old time on the training ground uninspiring performances every weekend. I said in a prior blog there were at least 6 managers who were better than Ole. Now I might be giving him too much credit? Ole has one of the most talented United teams ever assembled and can only manage one shot on goal at home against City. I cant believe used to defend him when my friends called him a PE teacher.

United Straight Up Sucks

Our form is fucking horrendous. There is no formation that seems to work. United players are constantly clueless and frustrated at the lack of cohesion. I have no clue how it happened, but Ole managed to turn a $1b team into a bunch of Sunday league players. There is no identity, and Ole is managing this team into the ground. I hate the people that say its all the players fault because that is fucking stupid. “They should have more heart” they proclaim, but seem to forget the players are humans and not robots you can hurl racist chants at when they play bad. Have you ever played a sport and gotten outplayed consistently? How about work as hard as possible when your boss is a complete asshole? Its hard to find motivation when its just more of the same.

People shit on Fred, but I give him more credit than just about anyone. He isn’t great, but he gives 11% every time he plays. He’s constantly chasing passes while our defense sits back and looks dumbfounded. He tries to pick up players when its half time only to get told off by other players. This team is not a unit, just a gang of highly-paid misfits under a terrible manager. Many thought, myself included, that once you sign the players, it just “clicks.” United signed Ronaldo and Sancho, so we should be scoring 4 goals a game. Maguire and Varane surely mean there will be more clean sheets. Wrong on both occasions. A player doesn’t automatically cover holes in coaching, and never will. United won’t just win silverware in spite of Solsjkaer’s poor tactical game plan. Enough of saying the players aren’t good enough because its just not true.

I could not believe the latest suggestion from sources to convert Sancho into a wing-back so he could play more. Is Solsjkaer that inept that he can’t find a place to play expensive promising young superstars? Get him out of this club. I know he’s a club legend as a player, but he’s far from a legendary manager. When a couple players are out of form, that’s on them. When the whole team is out of form? That’s on the manager.

The Board Straight up Sucks

Manchester United is run like a business, not a football club. If you posture to see United as a business, it’s not all that terrible. They manage to pay their dividends every quarter, increase revenue, and add value. United is run by businessmen who are running a business. Ask any CEO or board of a top 500 company, and I can guarantee you every single one has no clue what goes on day to day, and the same goes for United. The C-suite level is occupied with the future, not the present. They don’t understand football and recognize when their manager is out of ideas of how to win in the short term, they only care about the earnings and stock price for their investors.

I have felt this feeling before. It happened with Van Gaal, Moyes, and Mourinho. There is a clear disconnect between what the board cares about, and what the fans care about. The board does not care about me. They do not care about you. They do not care about Solsjkaer. The board only cares about that ticker MANU that is traded on the New York Stock Exchange. As long as the this club is a publicly traded company owned by the Glazer’s, nothing will change.


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