The American Red Devils Introduce Charlie as a Guest Contributor

Manchester United v Arsenal...BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND - APRIL 4: Ryan Giggs celebrates scoring a magnificent winning goal for United as they defeat Arsenal 2-1 in extra time during the 1999 FA Cup Semifinal Replay on April 14th, 1999 at Villa Park. (Photo by Matthew Peters/Manchester United via Getty Images)

Glory Glory Man United

Who am I? My name is Charlie and I hail from Houston, Texas. I like many of you am a die hard fan of the game of soccer. I have been a United fan since 1998. Not a bad year to start loving the Red Devils.

Why United?

Back in the mid to late 90’s, the only way to catch any EPL action was to stay up late and catch a replay of that week’s select games on ESPN 2. Back then you really only saw four to five teams on a regular basis. The top 3 were Manchester United, Arsenal, and those Scouse bastards. Other regulars at that time were Newcastle (yes Newcastle) and Blackburn Rovers. My how times have changed. But of all those teams I chose United. Why?

Well it is simple for me, as I found myself drawn to their games more than the others. The style, the grit, and the desire they showed was simply amazing. I was never bored watching a Manchester United game, but what sealed it for me to become a United fan was Ryan Giggs. At the time I was playing youth soccer and I was a “high flying” left winger like my new favorite player.

I tried to watch his game and emulate it at a young age. I would study each game I managed to watch and I was hooked from then on. Later that season, I remember watching the replay of the 1999 FA Cup semi final replay against Arsenal and my first soccer hero scored one of the most memorable goals in my memory.

Can you believe it?

We’ll Never Die!

Obviously the champions league final against Bayern is a lasting memory, but something about that goal against Arsenal just instilled that spirit the United embodied in me as a young fan. Of course I pick the Treble season as the first year I truly became a United fan.

Often times when I tell people I am a Manchester United fan, I get the eye roll and the phrase “Of course”. You damn right of course! It’s not just that they won. It’s how they won. Its what we are dying to see again in today’s team. That never die spirit. That is what drew me in and what keeps me here today.

Obviously things are not great right now. There is a lot of division in our fan base. Ole in or Ole out? But no matter what, I will always be a fan of this club. I’ve been asked if I would switch to another club if things don’t improve, since I am not from Manchester. My answer is emphatically HELL NO! This is my team. We will be back. Because United never dies.

In Closing

My hope for this blog is that we as American Manchester United fans can come together and discuss the matters of this club that mean the most to us. A place for information, debate, and camaraderie. I look forward to bringing y’all more articles in the future with my own unique flair.




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