UNITED IN THE NEWS! Luke Shaw to the Foxes?!

Whether we’re talking about his lack of speed and fitness, his desire to eat meat pies rather than be on the pitch, or how Williams should start over him from now on, Luke Shaw is constantly on our minds. Well, we may no longer have the opportunity to complain about Luke or wonder why he gets any playing time over Williams.

This morning, the Metro claim that Leicester have made initial contact with United over a possible move for Shaw, who they are looking at in case starting left back Ben Chilwell departs.

Shaw has struggled to feature for the Red Devils this season, starting eight Premier League matches, with Brandon Williams filling in for the left-back in recent weeks.

Let’s do a defensive comparison of each of lad’s PL season thus far:

Shaw (24 y/o)
Market value: €22.00m (12/10/2019 on Transfermarkt)
Games: 11
Starts: 8
Clean Sheets: 1
Goals Conceded: 9
Tackles (success %): 15 (53%)
Blocked Shots: 1
Interceptions: 1
Recoveries: 28
Duels Won/Lost: 41 / 32
Passes: 474
Crosses (accuracy %): 17 (12%)

Williams (19 y/o)
Market value: €7.00m
Games: 7
Starts: 5
Clean Sheets: 2
Goals Conceded: 6
Tackles (success %): 10 (53%)
Blocked Shots: 0
Interceptions: 9
Recoveries: 30
Duels Won/Lost: 28 / 26
Passes: 245
Crosses (accuracy %): 4 (25%)

Chillwell (23 y/o)
Market value: €50.00m
Games: 18
Starts: 18
Clean Sheets:7
Goals Conceded: 18
Tackles (success %): 24 (54%)
Blocked Shots: 1
Interceptions: 19
Recoveries: 115
Duels Won/Lost: 94 / 86
Passes: 1,161
Crosses (accuracy %): 68 (18%)

In the off chance that Chilwell leaves within one year of the Foxes letting Harry ‘Slabhead’ McGuire go (albeit probably for a substantial fee), I think we can all agree that they can take Luke from us.

What are you thoughts? #GGMU

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