American Red Devils Introduce Conor as a Guest Contributor

Glory Glory to my fellow Red Devils! My name is Conor and I am thrilled to be a Guest Contributor covering the greatest club in the world.

I look forward to covering our beloved club I have supported since I was eight years old. How did I become a supporter back then? My family went to Ireland in ’97, my dad and I went to a sports apparel store and he simply said to the clerk, “I want to get my son a football shirt, who’s the best team right now?” There you have it. In ’99, I butchered my opponents on FIFA 2000 with Yorke and Cole scoring at least seven goals a match. I have been a die-hard supporter eve since.

As an adult (using the term loosely), I watch every match with my local supporter group, MUFC Charlotte at a local watering hole where we have the pleasure of ragging on plastic City fans. I drag my family and friends with me whenever United ventures across the pond for the ICC to the likes of S.F, D.C., and Ann Arbor. Most importantly, I will always support OUR UNITED (and force my family to do so as well).

United will always hold a special place in my heart, but for a very specific reason. My parents, wife, and I went to the U.K. in ’17 and the one thing I wanted to do was go to the United v. Swansea match. The only one who was skittish of the attending was my dad as he did not want to sit with the “hooligans.” He was an Americana father who did not think that slide tackles were real tackles. However, we convinced him to go with us to Old Trafford and he had an amazing time. After that 1-1 draw, he could not stop following United and supported them until his passing in ’18. He’s now up to the Spirit in Sky going on the piss with Georgie Best.

What should you all expect from me as a Contributor? I will primarily cover transfer news/rumors, financial news, and ad-hoc opinion pieces of our Red Devils. I tend to err on the side of smart-a$$ and prefer using nicknames when referencing our squad. So expect to see a lot of “Slabhead and Ice Man did …”, “Beans and Greeny connect…”, or “JLINGZ’s clothing company continues to be in the red.”

If you have any recommendations for articles or opinion pieces you want covered, let me know! Until next time, GGMU!

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