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A Bit About Keagan…American Red Devils New Contributor

My name is Keagan and I am a lifelong fan of the beautiful game. I’ve joined the American Red Devils blog to help perpetuate the word that Manchester United is the greatest football club in the world. It also helps to satisfy my never-ending obsession with talking about Manchester United. My dad was a former player for the Newcastle U23 set up so I grew up loving and playing football since I was old enough to kick a ball. I have a background in physical therapy and sports medicine and I love to debate anything about football and United.

Why Do I love Manchester United?

The religious like obsession that I have for this amazing club seemed to develop very organically. My grandmother was a Leeds fan and my dad was an Aston Villa fan, so I think all my friends and family just assumed I’d like one of those teams. I don’t actually remember anyone asking me what team I really supported until I played for my first youth team when I was seven.

The goalie for our team walked right up to on day one and asked me what my favorite team was. I answered instinctually, “Manchester United.” At the time I remember being a big fan of the Neville brothers. My dad took me to an England game during the 96 European Cup and got me a Gary Neville jersey, so Manchester United just came out of my mouth and I’ve stuck to it ever since.

Favorite Manchester United memory

Every United fan has great memories of the Red Devils that stand out. For me there are so many but, one in particular really stands out; April 7, 2018. United played our noisy neighbors Man Shitty. Thanks to a Paul Pogba brace, and a rare goal from Smalling, United were able to defeat Shitty. This denied them their third premier league title for at least a short time. That day also happened to be my wedding day.

There are so many great memories of Manchester United that I could go on forever. They are more than just a football team. United exemplifies character, fight and perseverance. Wayne Rooney and Roy Keane are my favorite players that most represent the United way. They came to every match with the same energy and tenacity even if they didn’t like how the club was doing business or they had an issue with another player. I believe, more so now then at any time since Sir Alex Ferguson left, that we are close to regaining that club philosophy. I can’t wait to see this new generation usher in another era of United success.

Glory, Glory Man United!


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My Name is Keagan. I am a lifelong fan of the Red Devils and the beautiful game. My favorite things in the world are my family and friends, Manchester United, good food, the great outdoors, sarcasm and tennis. Green and gold until the club is sold.

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