An Open Letter to the Glazer Family: Leave Our Club!

We have suffered long enough..... #GlazersOut

To the Glazer family,

I still remember my introduction to Manchester United. For Christmas, I got a PlayStation Portable with the FIFA 06 game. The default team to play as was Man United, and with my lack of knowledge of the game I played as them. The squad including Rooney, Ronaldo, van Nistelrooy, Giggs, Scholes, Keane, and more was so much fun to play as. I began to read into the history and culture around the club and began to feel stronger and stronger toward it. Soon, I was following results and watching highlights. A few years later, I sat down and watched the sport for the first time. You see, I fell in love with this club. I sing the songs in my car (ESPECIALLY after a big win), never fail to watch a match (whether I have to call in sick to work or watch in class), and live and die with each result. Everything about the history and culture of Manchester United makes me overwhelmingly proud to be aligned with it

However, there is one aspect of this club I am in no way proud of. In fact, I am sickened at it: your ownership of the club. In the time that you have been in control, you have taken over a BILLION dollars out of the club. In that time-frame, we have slipped from THE dominant force in England (and one of the best in Europe) to just hoping and praying we make the top four. The squad we have now is so thin and lacks such talent, that even the legendary manager you inherited would be unable to work such a significant miracle. Since Sir Alex Ferguson retired, you have spit on his legacy by allowing everything he built to be dismantled. Worst of all, the culture of the club has become one of being financially driven rather than driven by success. I want to be clear, and I speak for the millions of fans across the globe: there is NO excuse for the state in which we find our beloved club.

Your relationship with us is long beyond repair. Winning trophies may quiet the crowd, but we will NEVER want you as the owners of this club. The damage is done, so much so that a significant portion of the fans prefers the ownership of known human-rights abusers to yours. So many of us have cheered a potential Saudi takeover because we CRAVE success again. The thing that gives me the most hope is a large part of the culture of this club: fighting back.

After the Munich disaster, we were the champions of Europe again within a decade. In 1999, we came from 1- 0 down in the Champions League final to win in the closing seconds. We have overcome hurdles before, and we will overcome the one that your ownership represents as well. Long after you are just a bad memory, Manchester United will live on. If you have ANY respect for the legends who came before; men like Busby, Best, Cantona, and Ferguson, SELL the club. If you have ANY respect for the fans who love this club more than you could ever imagine, SELL the club. Our history was not yours to buy. Our future is not yours to ruin. This club is OURS.

Recently, Stewart Donald said he could not run Sunderland effectively without the support of the fans. He was correct, and the same applies to you on a much larger scale. I say again if there is any inkling of respect for the fans who have lined your pockets for the past several years, get out of our club. I will never understand how you did not fall in love with everything about this club like we have, but it is apparent you only see it as your cash cow. Do us all a favor: find a buyer who will prioritize the product on the field, take one last massive payday and be gone forever. After all, we have poured in, you owe us at least that much.

With the utmost sincerity,

The fans of Manchester United


  1. This is a thoughtful elegant letter with a shared shout by all the fans of Man United, I agree with the both of you after supporting this club for Most of my life, this is beyond tolerable. I saw this coming when the Glazers took over, all I could think of at the time was the Tamp Bay Buccaneers The worst team in the NFL!

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