Champions League Miss. A Failure or a Blessing?

Bruno Fernandes' reaction similar to many fans anticipating life without Champions League next season

Missing Champions League next year may seem like a huge miss for a club with high expectations, but it may be what is needed for this Manchester United team. Without Champions League, the new manager will have the ability to focus on his philosophy without this tournament weighing him down with its huge expectations. Although we still may be competing in Europe, we will also be in a tournament where we can provide our youth players opportunities to gain experience and provide rotation. Lastly, due to the team’s fragile egos, it may help bring this team back to life. Never the less, the new Manager, the team we have, and the youth players, in addition to those out on loan, are all winners of missing the Champions League.

Life without Champions League Football

Without Champions League, we will have a manager who can finally focus on a team that needs loads of attention. Yes, the Glazers will still be an obstacle, but the ability to not have the expectations of winning the Champions League will be a huge benefit. It will give the manager a chance to implement his ideas and try new players that may benefit the team. Furthermore, we do have players on Loan who may provide a difference and can be rotated in these lesser tournaments.

We have players like Garner and Williams, who are playing consistently and are hungry to compete and make a difference. With the lack of Champions League money, and the players we have leaving on a free, these players may become the players we need to depend on that may benefit from a restructured year next year without Champions league. Why not include Williams, Garner, Elanga, and Hannibal in the mix.

These are players in their first contracts who have something to prove unlike Jones, Matic, and Mata who are just taking up space. These players deserve a chance and are probably ready to put their life on the line for this Club. They need a chance to earn a legitimate spot for the following year soon after the 2022-23 season, and not having the lack of playing time due to the Champions League will benefit these younger players. Let these lads prove to us that they deserve to be on this team.

Manchester United fans say the same thing over James Garner future -  Manchester Evening News
James Garner looks destined for the first team and eventually, Champions League football

A Brighter Future on the Horizon

Finally with the season coming to an end, we hope the break leading to next season will be a fresh of breathe air. These players need a break to decompress and recharge their batteries. I know, I am not happy with this season and I understand how much these players get paid. It is safe to say though, that they are also people.

Apart from a certain handful who could care more about their social media pages, certain players know we are not happy. Knowing Champions League will not be there next season, it may allow these players to mentally deal with lighter load of games and rebuild their confidence. We can only hope that these players start focusing on 1 game at a time and give their all to a team we love so much.

After all, UCL is where Manchester United belong:

This is what pedigree looks like
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