DE GEA V. DEANO: Manchester United Goalkeeper Dilemma

Manchester United Goalkeeper Dilemma

The club legend versus the homegrown academy lad. However, Manchester United must pick one. De Gea saved the club time and time again over the past ten years. Yet, Dave Saves hasn’t looked the same since the 2018 World Cup. Henderson shows all the potential in the world. He’s young, quick, and in demand. It simply appears there’s that no situation where Manchester United will keep both keepers at the club. David De Gea deserves constant first-team football and Henderson is ready to make the jump to being a world-class keeper. Currently, it looks like Henderson will win. Here’s a breakdown of the Manchester United goalkeeper dilemma.

Only One Will Stay

At the end of the day, it’s a decision; a hard one at that. De Gea has been the man around Old Trafford for years, but times they are a changin’. De Gea remains one of the world’s top keepers, but hanging on to a post-prime keeper when another is blossoming doesn’t make sense. Conversely, Henderson fits near perfectly as the long-term replacement for De Gea. If Manchester United pass on Henderson to another club, they would have made a monstrous mistake. Henderson makes the most sense for the future of United.

The equally important piece of this goalkeeper puzzle is finding a suitable offer for De Gea. First off for all his work at the club, Dave Saves deserves a proper send-off. His wages are high, meaning that only Europe’s top sides can afford him. However, his skills are still in high demand. Manchester United owes it to De Gea to find the best fit possible for him. Yet, United also must get a sizeable fee for De Gea. Woodward has a history of bad transfer business, but he cannot afford to mess this one up. There are growing fears that Woodward and the board will show their hand too easily and sell De Gea for a fraction of his actual worth.

Dean Henderson admits Liverpool mistake made him fear for his Man Utd  career - Mirror Online
Dean Henderson in the UCL

Embracing Deano

The process of instating Henderson as United’s #1 starts now. While De Gea is still at the club, Ole must give Henderson opportunities in net. These starts should be like a test run for the coming season. If Henderson picks up a horrid run of form, then there is still De Gea to slide in and take matches. Conversely, starting Henderson with De Gea still on the books avoids the issue of stagnation. Henderson will be more motivated to play well if there is competition for his spot. Hopefully, Henderson will perform to the maximum and keep that form into the following season.

Dean Henderson also needs matches because he is preparing to compete for the England goalkeeper spot in the Euros this summer. The English keeper role currently remains in the air. Nick Pope, Jordan Pickford, and our own Dean Henderson are all in contention. While earning games at the Euros does not guarantee match time in the upcoming 2022 World Cup, it certainly won’t hurt. Henderson will surely be hoping to get the call-up for England in the World Cup and that starts right now by getting matches with United.

Dave Saves is Still a Legend

Finally and arguably most important, everyone must remember all De Gea did for United if he were to leave this summer. Signed by Sir Alex, De Gea will go down as a United Great. David De Gea has made over 400 appearances for United in all competitions. With United, he won the Premier Leauge, FA Cup, English League Cup, and Europa League. De Gea is nothing short of a legend at Manchester United.

If this is the final chapter of De Gea at United, I encourage you all to enjoy it and remember all he’s done for Manchester United.

Glory Glory Man United.

Written by CJ Szaz.

David de Gea, a Captain Hiding in Blind Sight. | Xplore Sports Blog
De Gea Lifting the Premier League Trophy in 2013.
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