Episode #243 | Istanbul Recap & Everton Preview

In this episode of the Weekly Manchester United podcast, the American Red Devils Recap Manchester United’s fixture against Istanbul Basaksehir, and preview their upcoming match versus Everton. The team also breaks down the latest Manchester United news, injuries and transfer rumors. Give a listen and tweet the podcast your questions if you want to be featured in the weekly Fan Questions segment.

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We are the American Red Devils.

For well over a decade we have set the automatic coffee maker on Saturdays and Sundays to rise early and watch the best football club in the world. Over the years we have amassed cursed jerseys (Anderson, Falcao, Schniderlin) and made multiple trips to the UK to watch Manchester United matches. After searching for a Manchester United podcast, we decided there was not an American perspective of Manchester United out there. On a whim, we decided to purchase a few used mics and start recording the Weekly Manchester United Podcast. We try to bring good banter and have a laugh.

Our mission is to create the best fan-generated Manchester United content possible, no BS – For Fans, By Fans.

Manchester United Podcast

The podcast started in 2017 shortly after Manchester United won the Europa League. We both thought Manchester United was due to return to greatness after Zlatan, Pogba, and Lukaku linked up at Old Trafford. Unfortunately for us fans, Lukaku or Mourinho would not be enough to bring a title back to Manchester.

Regardless of the team’s form, recording the podcast has been extremely rewarding for us. Since we started, we have never loved to watch and talk about Manchester United more. Interacting with the fans of the podcast and hearing your perspective is awesome. When we began we could not have imagined the great people we would meet along the way and share the journey of being a Manchester United fan with. The highs, the lows, and everything in between.

We have lots planned for this small time podcast, stay tuned!

– Alex and John

Also if you have any questions, thoughts, suggestions? Drop us an email or shoot us a tweet – we love getting feedback!

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I grew up in New Jersey with Alex and love everything Manchester United. I started following the greatest club in the world while I was in college when ESPN2 started to televise champions league football.

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  1. I wrote and vented to Alex a couple of days in October, he suggested I should share here…and I’m about to do. I’ve been a United fan for 45 years…and this might be the first time I almost feel embarrassed …also the first I ever write on someones blog. I’ll include a portion of my email and then continue with current venting.from you guys. I’ve been a listener of your pod for a long time. My son and I listen to every episode….but you’ve gotten one thing …well a few things completely wrong. I’ve been meaning to email you guys since you started to whine about Lindelof. He’s not the problem, McGyver (Maguire) is the problem. He’s slow, his soccer IQ is zero. He’s passing is horrible, most of them sideways. He looks like a clumsy elk when he charges forward. His heading skills are deplorably, especially for a C. He’s not a leader, his not a captain.
    He’s the kid that was better than you when you were 12 because he was a foot taller and had 30 pounds on you. I sent you a link from an article that my son brought to my attention a few weeks ago when you were hacking on Lindelof. Here’s the real world stats. Lindelof only lets a player by 0.1 of the times, as a reference Van Dijk does it 0.2. Everybody becomes bad around McGyver because he plays out of position and he’s a liability so no one can do a good job.
    Harry is a bench player, Harry and Pogba should be out of the team, not on the bench…just out. Have Pogba ever touched the ball without falling down or slipping on the grass ??? He’s passing over the last 2 years have been horrible, his first touch even worse and dribbling down from there. He loses the ball most of the time through a bad pass or dribble..and I use the word losely. Harry makes any goalie nervous. He’s crap. You need to pull your heads out of his sphincter and look at him playing. Today was all his bad sides showing up in a game and NO ONE covered for him.(This was the Spurs game but applies to most games) Lindelof does that, Lindelof covers for him. Harry is so bad he makes everybody else have to play out of position to make up for how
    bad he is. Again zero sport IQ….ZERO. Look at our “captain” against Istanbul Basaksehir. What kind of captain runs into the box for a header off a corner and being that excited that he forget to “captain” his team besides a 8 year kid playing AYSO ??? What captain does not make sure someone is in his spot ? WHO ????
    Everytime Harry gets the ball the game comes to a screeching halt because he has no idea what he’s going to do with the ball until he has it, receive the ball and looks up, looks up afterwards and tries to figure out whats next. Bruno does better no-look passes than Slabhead after starring at the ball and the field for a few seconds. It takes himi 10 seconds to figure what his move should be. He’s a stopper against slow opposition, that’s it. Nothing else.
    Every time he gets the ball he stands still and tries to figure out what to do. He’s horrible and maybe this game will make you realize this.

    Bailly have always been a liability – he’s not awful but a liability bad bad instincts. He makes dumb decisions after decision. He’s a bench player. He will never get better. Lindlof would be really good with a good guy next to him. Harry will never be good, this is it, this is all he got.
    Shaw is a bench player, in a lesser team. He will not get any better.

    Stop whining at Lindelof – Harry is the problem…I also have finally conceded that Ole might not be the coach for United. He can’t motivate a fairly good squad of players. We should have dumped him at the end of the season. It’s like being way drunk at a club but you score with a girl and take her home just to wake up sober next and she’s a pig, and you feel bad about your decision and decide to take her to breakfast vs just giving her the cab money and kick her out.
    Onto Bruno – he’s a good motivator and tons of energy. Here are your Bruno stats. 19/20 season. 8 Goals – 4 on penalties – 1 one a free kick. That leaves 3 for in-game goals. In how many matches ? I’m in my 50’s and I still can put in a wicked PK on any goalkeeper. Yes last summer I did just that at my sons summer soccer camp against a PL starter goalie. So F off!!!! Here’s something else for you. Cross accuracy 19% !!!! 19% that’s horrible. Duels won 54 lost 74. Aerial battles won 3, lost 11. Martial is only good when everybody else are good. Lots of problems. There are only a few players in the club that should be starters at MU. Pogba is a poison to this club, he’s defiant and lazy and his skills are gone, just gone and he should be gone. Ole is not good enough to motivate lazy players, he’s not good enough to play tactics from game to game. Most of our games we should play 3-4-1-2. The 1 being Bruno or Cavani. Midfield should be Fred, McTominay, Van DB (right mid), Telles (left mid). Defense, Lindelof and AWB +1.
    Goalies I think we should all in and stick Dean in De Gea is only good because Dean is breathing down his neck, he doesnt want it bad enough anymore. If Rashford can keep his mind in football then keep him or go do something more meaningfull – don’t blame you for being a better person that I am but if you’re playing for my club you should be so damn tired, exhausted and hungry that after a game you would have zero energy to safe the world. Martial is a little fragile princess that once in a bluemoon explodes and does something great…not good enough for a club that need consistency. Greenwood will come good…great.
    James – sell him….or give him away a free, a two for one give away as he takes Lindgard with him out the door. Keep Ighalo for the late goal desperate longballs. Right now we suck and I almost don’t enoy watching them anymore…I’ve found myself fast forward the games in the early games I record. What fan does that !!!! A tired fan. What identity do we have as a team???? NONE. You can stick pink shirts on City, Liverpool, Leicester, Wolves and I can tell what team it is. If I didn’t know the opponent we’re playing I would not know we’re playing PL or CL. A decent side on a Sunday down the street perhaps. Bunch of hungover tired old guys. George Best was drunk and hungover for most his games and he played with more energy that majority of our players.

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