Erik ten Hag: The Man Manager Manchester United Needs

Manchester United, the giant of English football, is currently standing at a crossroads, teetering on the edge of mediocrity. With their rich history and unmatched fanbase, they deserve nothing but the best. Enter Erik ten Hag, a man who’s attracted more than a fair amount of criticism, but whose credentials and style could be the secret recipe that turns Manchester United back into a footballing powerhouse.

Playing Style: The Artistry of Possession

If you’ve followed Erik ten Hag’s managerial career, you’d know that he has a unique and captivating style of play. Picture this: a team that controls the game with sustained possession, quick ball movement, and fluid attacking movements. It’s like a beautifully composed symphony, and each player knows their role in this orchestration. Ten Hag’s Ajax teams were a testament to this, and Manchester United will benefit greatly from such an ongoing transformation.

Ten Hag’s teams play a high pressing game, constantly looking to win back the ball and transition quickly to attack. The emphasis on positional play and intelligent movement off the ball allows his teams to dominate possession, creating numerous chances. This is the kind of football that gets the Old Trafford faithful on their feet, cheering for more. We have seen this style of play develop at United over the past year, but not on the consistency level fans crave. Give the manager time, remember he is only 14 months into the journey and the mess he inherited is not to be dismissed.

Recruitment: A Keen Eye for Talent

His success at Ajax was not only due to his tactical brilliance but also his ability to identify and nurture young talents. Manchester United has a rich tradition of developing youth, and Ten Hag’s knack for bringing out the best in young players aligns perfectly with the club’s values. Ten Hag has the ability to spot raw talent and mold it into something extraordinary. Just look at the likes of Frenkie de Jong and Matthijs de Ligt, who blossomed under his guidance.

With Manchester United’s academy producing top-tier talent, Ten Hag could help bridge the gap between youth and first team seamlessly, ensuring a sustainable future for the club. While the club has undoubtedly overpaid for many of his targets, an indictment of the front office, not the manager, the recruitment of Martinez, Casemiro, Eriksen, Onana and Hojlund shows he has a clear idea of what he’s looking for.

Man Management: The Art of Leadership

In the pressure cooker of Manchester United, managing egos and personalities is paramount. Erik ten Hag possesses a calm demeanor and an unwavering commitment to his philosophy, qualities that resonate with players. His ability to foster a cohesive team spirit and create a harmonious environment is second to none. When he joined the club, the club was in absolute disarray, and since joining his has reinstalled a level of discipline we haven’t seen since Sir Alex Ferguson.

Ten Hag’s man management style is built on trust and communication, but also strict discipline. He treats his players as partners in a shared vision, making them feel valued and empowered. This approach not only motivates players but also fosters a sense of unity, something that has been missing in the United camp for a while. His nurturing of Alejandro Garnacho into the first team has been terrific and he has shown an ability to get struggling players back into form in the likes of Marcus Rashford and Aaron wan Bissaka.

Navigating Choppy Waters: The Challenges Ahead

But let’s not kid ourselves; Erik ten Hag walked into an incredibly difficult situation, arguably the hardest in all of world football. Manchester United’s recent history has been marred by a series of terrible decisions, both on and off the pitch. The club’s leadership and ownership have left a lot to be desired, and the expectations are sky-high.

The club’s recruitment strategy has been far from ideal, with a scattergun approach that often led to overpriced and underperforming signings. Ten Hag will have to work with what he has and gradually reshape the squad to fit his vision. It won’t be an overnight transformation, and patience will be key.

Furthermore, the shadow of Sir Alex Ferguson looms large over any Manchester United manager. The comparisons are inevitable, and the pressure immense. Ten Hag must be allowed the time and space to build his own legacy at the club, free from constant scrutiny and unrealistic expectations.

In addition to the on-field challenges, the off-field issues need to be addressed. The club’s ownership and board must align their vision with that of the manager and provide the necessary resources to make Manchester United competitive at the highest level once again. Without a solid foundation off the pitch, even the most talented manager can only do so much.


Erik ten Hag is the breath of fresh air that Manchester United desperately needs. His playing style, recruitment prowess, man management skills, and the ability to thrive under immense pressure make him the perfect choice for the club. However, it’s crucial to recognize that his success will heavily depend on the club’s ability to support him in reshaping the team and addressing the deep-rooted issues that have plagued Manchester United in recent years.

As fans, we must understand that Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will the resurgence of Manchester United. But with Erik ten Hag at the helm, there’s hope for a renaissance, a return to the glorious days of attacking football and silverware. It’s time to rally behind our bald fraud and savor the potential feast of success he can bring to Old Trafford.

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