I am happy. I don’t say that often watching United, but as soon as my faith begins to waver, the soccer gods bring me back from the devastating, gruesome grip of monotonous performances. With the “doom-and-gloom” media flurry surrounding the team after getting our asses handed to us by Spurs, the impending sadness as a United fan seemed all too close for comfort. Awaiting us in the following 2-3 weeks after this Newcastle game would put us through the paces, but you can never look past the task at hand.

Call this an overreaction, but this game was CRUCIAL. The fans knew it. The team knew it. Ole Knew it. If we didn’t win this game, I was planning to go full seasonal depression mode on this blog. It was gonna get ugly, and a lot of slander and slating was going to happen. Not today, Satan.

I wasn’t this happy the whole game though, and you likely weren’t either. Inside of 3 minutes, the United defense vomited all over themselves, as is tradition. Shaw channeled his inner Andres Escobar and effected the most exquisite flick I’ve ever seen to fool DDG, and just like that United were down 1-0. I had seen this scenario one too many times before. United give up an early goal and I turn to my bar cart for comfort, however something was different this time. Sure, I may have had a few, but the team didn’t quit on themselves.

Daniel James looked threatening. McTominay was playing bully-ball. SlabheadTM finally remembered his head is fucking massive. At the start of the second half, the team looked on the verge of eruption. The “eruption” took until the 86th minute, but Bruno finally opened the flood gates.

Side note: if Donny’s pass to Mata to start the counterattack wasn’t inch-perfect, I’m not sure that goal happens. His pass is exactly why you spend $45M on the Dutch kid. He will grow into the team more, and lock-down a starting spot very soon.

Fast-forward 10 minutes to the end of the final whistle and we hung an additional 2 on Newcastle’s heads to make it 4-1. These emotions of excitement and euphoria I am experiencing are new and uncharted territory.

What a day at the office! United are gonna kick on from this game with a boost in morale and confidence. This team is beating PSG Tuesday and kicking a blue next Saturday.

Fuck it. This team is winning the league. We are so back baby.

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer admitted he was left feeling 'proud and emotional' by the reception
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