Manchester United, plc. Doesn’t Care

Manchester United on the slide

You may have not needed to read it, but I needed to type it out. It is a part of my healing process as a United fan. Simply put; the more things change, the more they stay the same. Manchester United plc doesn’t care about you, me, the American Red Devils, Erik Ten Hag, team success, and most recently Cristiano Ronaldo. Honestly, what has happened this summer isn’t even shocking anymore, but I’m still going to write about it because this is #blogtherapy.

United Agree Deal for their 4th Left Back

I’m a muppet, and even I didn’t get excited about this transfer. ~$20m USD for yet another left-back? Surely this means one of our 3 has no future (Telles, Shaw, or Williams) and that’s fine I guess. Left back is our weirdest position. When given the opportunity, no matter who we put there has fumbled their opportunity without fail. Luke Shaw can’t cross a ball, so we put in Telles. Telles doesn’t know how to defend so we try Shaw again. Truly vicious cycle. Brandon Williams is currently contracted by Manchester United. That’s about all I can say confidently about him. So, sure, good job getting a left back, but does this move the needle of enthusiasm? Hardly.

Frenkie the F***boy

Why must United obsess over overpriced players every summer? I think John Murtough has a weird thing complex going on. I normally don’t kink-shame, but do we really need another expensive creative midfielder? Not to mention Frenkie (stupid name) doesn’t even want to come here! Honestly maybe we do need another midfielder, but my god Murtough do we have to use up the whole transfer budget and valuable time doing signing him? To be honest, I have no clue how Frenkie plays. He was a good (maybe?) player on a decent (maybe) Barcelona team who clearly are on the downturn the past couple years. Honestly, he’ll fit right in! Welcome Frenkie, if you even do come.

United Away Kit Leaked

Pretty cool color scheme. Brings me back to 12/13 when RVP was a god amongst men. Not really sure what is going on with the diamond print on the collar and bicep area. Adidas never cease to have minor details ruin a perfectly decent idea.

Seriously, what is up with those diamond things? Jesus Adidas

Ronaldo Wants to Leave.. Wait What?!

Yea, I left the best for last. That’s just blogger 101. Sam Luckhurst would be proud of me. But I digress. What in god’s name is Manchester United doing! I’m not gonna say I could do better at my job than United executives, but I know for a fact I could not be worse than them! By lacking any resemblance of ambition, United have pissed off their most consistent performer. I just hope its not beyond reconciliation, but I can’t even blame CR7.

In what world is it normal for the largest club by fan following to have their worst league finish in decades and then sit on their thumbs for an entire 2 months in the summer transfer window? And that brings me back to my initial point. Behavior like this should be expected because Manchester United plc do not care. That bullshit holding company only cares about the quarterly dividend to the Glazers, and social media impressions. That isn’t football, and it never will be. Managers, players, scouts, coaches, and executives all come through and leave in their due course. The more change there is at the club, the more it stays the same. The Glazers have been, are, and always will be the problem.


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