Now Ole’s Out: Questions I’ve Always Had

Ole's Out

Well he’s finally gone. Ole’s out. The club legend Ole Gunnar Solskjaer, most remembered for his late winning goal in the 1999 UCL final has officially left his role as manager of Manchester United. The writing has arguably been on the wall since the end of last season, which saw United finish 2nd in the premier league but fall in the Europa League Final to Villareal. United fans have been conflicted over their support of Ole from day one, and it even created hostility between supporters. But, no matter your opinion, the Norwegian is gone and the time has come to begin a new chapter at Manchester United.

With that being said, I’d like to discuss some of the questions I’ve had ever since Ole took over the club. Perhaps some of these things will change under caretaker Michael Carrick or whomever takes over the club next summer as the new permanent manager of Manchester United. So, with that said, I’d like to discuss some of the questions or ‘out of box’ opinions I’ve had throughout United’s reign.

Ole’s Out: Why was Alex Telles never tried out at right back?

Seriously, with all the injuries and questions at our fullback positions since Telles arrived two summers ago, why was the Brazillian never played at right back? The major criticism of Wan-Bissaka has always been his offensive ability. Telles is a tremendous attacker for a full back and should be more than capable of playing right back. While Telles may not be as good defensively compared to Wan-Bissaka, he more than makes up for it with his crossing ability and overall ball movement. Telles is also a sound defender, not as great a tackler as Wan-Bissaka, but he is capable. Wan-Bissaka has also been shaky in defense this season, so that along with his lack of offensive ability begs the question. Should Alex Telles be played at right back?

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Ole’s Out: Van De Beek at CDM anyone?

Why has the dutchman never been given a run at CDM? Well, to be honest, just simply why has he not been given a run in general anywhere? Donny Van De Beek has been a major character in within the Solskjaer story, with several fans asking for him to play more and others giving up on him all together. I for one have been very open about my thoughts on the midfielder.

Perhaps, Solskjaer never played him because he was just awful in training? I honestly haven’t seen anything from him that says he should be a starter in this squad. But, with that being said, I always wondered how he’d play as a CDM or even a 6. I think Fred, from a physical/attribute standpoint, is more than capable than being the United lone CDM for many years to come. But, the Brasilein has always lacked something between the ears. Maybe Fred will mature and get ‘smarter’ let’s say, but until then I want to see Van De Beek play CDM.

Donny Van De Beek has played CDM before, with Ajax at times, and he’s surely physically capable. I believe the ability to be a lock down CDM is in his locker, and combine that with his attacking talent he could be one of the best CDM’s in the game. There’s no real proof that he’ll be great, but I just have that feeling. I hope we get to see Donny play more and get a run at CDM under Michael Carrick.

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Ole’s Out: Victor Lindelof at CDM?!

Alright, I know, this one is pretty crazy. But, seriously just try to bear with me here for just a paragraph. The Swedish captain has an amazing passing ability. Especially his long balls, and he can be a very good defender 1v1. His long standing issue has been his positional awareness in the box, but at CDM he wouldn’t need to worry about that as much. At CDM Lindelöf could show off more of his passing and focus more on 1v1 defending.

Ask yourself this, ‘Would Pep Guardiola have played Lindelöf at CDM were he in the city squad?’…The answer is yes, a resounding yes. I really do believe Lindelöf has what it takes, and as long as Varane is healthy then why not? We may ever see this, but it’d be something crazy. I would try in a lower cup competition were I United major. Although, maybe that’s why I haven’t been given the job. Yeah, that’s definitely it, nothing else is holding me back.

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Ole’s Out: Ronaldo as United manager in a years time?

Woah! Okay, honestly this is an idea that has floated around the web. So, it’s not too crazy to imagine, but it would shock some I’m sure. Many believe Ronaldo will play out his next two years with United then finish it out in MLS. But, I’m not too sure. Ronaldo is a cereal winner, a top competitor, and wants nothing less than the biggest rewards. So why would he go to MLS?!

I think when Ronaldo realizes his playing days at the top level are over, then he’ll want to compete at the top level as a manager. We’ve seen him attempt to manage when injured with Portugal and even after being subbed off under Solskjaer. This man is an absolute machine and he doesn’t settle. I honestly don’t believe he’ll go to MLS. I also see him as more than fit to be the United manager. Ronaldo could be the next Zidane. He’ll go from an excellent player to an excellent manager in no time!

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