Old Trafford Expansion: Theater of Dreams Getting a Face Lift?

Manchester United apply to install rail seating at Old Trafford

Manchester United are looking to get more fans in the door and aim to do so with an expansion. Old Trafford aims to become the second largest stadium in the UK with a 15,000 seat addition. Our new total capacity will increase to 88,000 and will tack on to the Sir Bobby Charlton stands. Fans are abuzz over the fact that the developers who constructed the beautiful new Hotspur Stadium have been selected.

Documented Abuse

Its no debate that Old Trafford is in need of a dire face lift. Our once crown jewel of England is being left to crumble in the shadows of what it formerly was because of our owners. It was an impenetrable fortress, a place that teams feared travelling to. A piece in the Daily Mail shows that the current state of affairs has flipped that fortress to a back woods shanty. The roof leaks, the building crumbles and there was a history of rats infesting the halls, offices and pitch.

Manchester United: How the Glazers have left Old Trafford in decay | Daily  Mail Online
Come for the football, stay for the waterfall.

Scratching the Bottom of the Coffers

As is standard practice with being a United fan, we often find ourselves wondering what ultimate catch will be. Sport Illustrated.com reports that the cost of another proposed loan with be around $259 million dollars. The Glazers aren’t doing anything to help endear themselves to the fan base that wants them gone. This loan would be on top of the almost $600 million dollars that they have saddled this club with. The fan base, while frustrated by the need for a loan, will be ecstatic to start catching up to other clubs in the league. Tottenham have spent over $1 billion dollars on their new stadium between 2016 and 2019, which has not only attracted some of the best football in the league, but NFL interest as well.

Tottenham Hotspur Stadium South Stand.jpg
Tottenham Hotspur Stadium – Built by our current designers

So Will It Happen?

The Glazers should look at this as a victory in their bid to silence the fans. The fans will look at this as a win for the club as a whole because we will have the grounds we deserve. The only question that remains is if this will actually happen? It shouldn’t take this article to remind you that the Glazers have a history of dangling the carrot in our face then pulling it at the last second. Whatever happens, its clear that this needs to happen with one caveat. The fans need to keep their eye on the ball and push for the Glazers to be out!

Why is #GlazersOut trending worldwide and what does it mean for Manchester  United? | GQ India
Green and Gold until the club is sold!
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