Overreaction “Monday” at Manchester United

Manchester United 5-1 Leeds - Bruno Fernandes hits three, Paul Pogba excels as Red Devils crush Leeds - Eurosport

Okay, forget the season preview, forget everything you thought you knew. Manchester United is back, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is the second coming of Sir Alex. Stop the count now, as Trump would say. Number 21 here we come!

Alright, let’s pump the brakes for minute. Obviously United’s opening day thrashing of Leeds United was just one game, so let’s not get carried away. But, sometimes it’s okay to live in the moment and overreact a little bit. So, today I’m going to massively overreact and give you every hot take I felt during that opening match. Let’s get into it, who’s to say none of this is or will be true. Come on United!

Manchester United will Win the League by Christmas

Seriously, you play like we did against Leeds every week and no one can touch us. United looked unplayable on Sunday. Even when Ayling equalized with an absolute wonder goal in the second half, United responded within a couple of minutes. We saw last year United had the guts and tenacity to keep going and never let a goal discourage them, but this felt even more different than that. When United came back from a deficit or an equalizer last season it felt heroic and the team had to dig in, which was massively impressive. But, on Sunday the team looked unimpressed and honestly just pissed off. The team essentially said no, fuck this, we’re going to press our foot on your neck and never let up. This teams mentality looks second to none.

You only have to look as far as the celebrations to feel that this year’s squad is different. It’s been developing since Ole came in, but the team spirit just looks incredible. Even our bench players look ecstatic. Honestly, when Greenwood scored, I’m not sure I’ve ever seen Martial smile more. Martial has scored some amazing goals for this club and we’d still say his demeanor looked poor. However, sitting on the bench Sunday and watching Greenwood score had him absolutely beaming. I just loved every part about this performance and everyone played with a swagger. The players look confident, and ready to show the world that this is Manchester Fucking United.

United's four best players in 5-1 win over Leeds - United In Focus

Paul Pogba is the EPL’s Player of the Season

Wow! I mean just fucking wow! There should be a sound drop of Owen Wilson just saying wow for everytime Pogba puts in a pass like any of his four assists from Sunday. This is the Paul Pogba that plays for France and now he’s doing it at club level. If Pogba stays healthy all season, remains in any form remotely close to Sunday’s, then he will win the Player of the Year award. Hell, with how he performed with France this last summer, if he can win the league with United, maybe a Champions League run, then he could perhaps even be in for the Ballon D’Or.

Pogba receives way too much stick for things the media or his agent say. Paul P has never once said any of the things the media claim he intends. And, while we always say there is Pogba for France and Pogba for United, is it really a different Pogba? If you look at Pogba’s last two years with the club you’ll notice when healthy and fit he plays like he does for France. For example. two years ago when we beat Lampard’s Chelsea on opening day, Pogba had a man of the match performance. He continued to play well that season, but unfortunately went down due to injury and missed the majority of the season. The next season, last year, he was playing like the Paul we always wanted, but again got hurt. Although, when he came back from injury he looked stellar again. Next, Paul has an amazing summer with France despites the teams shortcomings overall. And finally, on day one of the season, Paul Pogba looks a world beater. Seriously, we need to just appreciate Pogba and get off his case.

Man Utd 5-1 Leeds player ratings from Premier League opener

Bruno Fernandes Golden Boot

Bruno Bruno Bruno! Seriously, he just doesn’t ever stop does he. Even after playing more games than any other professional footballer last year he still has that desire. Bruno was slated for his performances with Portugal this summer, but honestly I feel that was due to the system that Fernando Santos utilizes. I also believe Bruno played well overall for Portugal but took the blame. So, he slows down at the end of last season while still scoring goals by the way. Has a so called poor summer internationally. Then he comes back to Manchester and scores a hat trick on the opening day. This guy is a global star and he doesn’t care what anyone says. Even when he seems tired or off it, you can see his willingness to work and desire to win. This is a player that can carry a club with his mentality alone and that’s exactly what he’s doing.

After scoring 18 goals last campaign, I believe Bruno will only improve on that. Cavani was my original pick for the clubs top scorer, but after Sunday that’s changed. How could it have ever been anyone else? Shame on me! This man will score 25 plus goals in the Premier League alone this season, mark my words.

Haaland who? We got Mason Greenwood!

Let’s have a serious conversation about Erling Haaland, and look at this realistically. Perhaps, the stars are aligning for us to be one of the few clubs in line to land the Norwegian next summer, but should we? As of right now, yes. Although, if Mason Greenwood continues to develop in the trajectory he’s going, how could we justify going after Haaland. The arrival of Haaland would push Greenwood out of the number 9 position for the foreseeable future. You’d also have to consider the costs of Haaland. The transfer price may be relatively fair, due to the buyout clause next season, but his weekly wages would surely be extremely high. If Greenwood develops into a 20 goal a season striker, wouldn’t the money be better spent elsewhere?

For right now, I’m still keen on landing Haaland next summer, but that will depend on Greenwood’s season. Mason is only 19 years old still and has been on a role since the end of last season. Solskjaer has already labeled him the best finisher at the club. Honestly, there is the potential of Greenwood being as good as someone like Haaland someday. May sound crazy, but we all know the potential is there. I love this young man, and I think he could be a star striker for United over the next decade.

Just something to consider for now. We’ll see how the season goes. After witnessing that finish on Sunday, I believe Greenwood could score 20 premier league goals this season if he plays regularly.

Ole’s at the Wheel – Manchester United

Finally, let’s discuss our manager, the baby faced assassin. Ole has faced criticism and received praise in his time at Old Trafford, some justified and some not. But, one thing is for certain, Ole has put the club on an upward trajectory since his arrival. Ole is also the type of man that players love and won’t grow tired of. If Ole can find success with this club he could be here for a long long time to come. Unlike manager like Tuchel, Mourinho, Klopp, or Guardiola; who can wear players down with their management styles, while being effective, but there is typically a time stamp involved.

Sir Alex lasted two decades with the club, and could’ve gone even longer had he wished. He always knew when to change things up and when to move players on. Ole has learned from the best and seems to have adapted that management style. All it will take is one trophy and Ole could cement himself with United for a long time to come. I truly hope he does too, I really don’t see a better man for the job. Give me any other manager and I can find the reasons why it won’t work out or would only last temporarily. Flipping managers constantly is a Chelsea thing, it’s not the United way.

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