Pogdrama Never Sleeps – Will He Stay or Will He Go?

Ever since Paul Pogba won the World Cup last summer rumors of his departure from Manchester United have filled the front pages of the football rags around the world. In modern football, these rumors, incited by players or scum bag agents are done primarily for financial gain. These rumors can benefit agents and players in two ways, get a new contract at a new club or a new contract at an existing one. The question for Paul Pogba is which one is it, or do him and Riola even care. Let’s dive in.

From the Guardian – July 16, 2018

Let’s not forget recent history. Last summer at arguably the peak of his footballing career, scoring in a world cup final, Paul Pogba was linked heavily to Barcelona to the tune of £200M. This rumor was dropped in the press most likely by his agent and came no later than 24 hours after the confetti dropped in the Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow.

Now I can’t imagine a scenario where Riola and Pogba are in the locker room after the World Cup final plotting this transfer move. But Riola, who is constantly pushing the barriers of the scumbaggery in the football agent world, only views something like Pogba winning the World Cup as a potential money maker. It is as simple as Pogba wins the World Cup, time to get paid!

This is where fans need to understand that Sir Alex Furgeson was right, Riola was the original issue with Paul Pogba. One could argue that he is a super-agent getting the best results for his clients in Europe and others can argue the constant transfer speculation and loyalty to money only make Pogba look worse. Regardless of what you believe, believe this, for Pogba and Riola its all about getting paid, paid and more paid.

So is Pogba leaving or is he going? I don’t even think Pogba or Riola know, they are just creating a giant game of chicken daring Real Madrid to pony up the cash or for Manchester United to give Paul a new contract. Either way, they win – and that ladies and gentlemen is modern football. Who cares about loyalty and class when there is money to be made.

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