The Ighalo Effect

The signing of Odion Ighalo on loan was slightly puzzling to some; however, Ole signed Ighalo for a simple reason: leadership. Ighalo plays with passion, which some current United players lack. Also, United’s dressing room will benefit from having Ighalo, because he can provide new energy into a squad that has had a rocky road as of late.

Success for Ighalo

Unlike other players, a good campaign for Ighalo does not necessarily revolve around the number of goals he scores, but rather the impact he provides to the squad. This could prove a tricky transfer for Ole to manage because Ighalo should not take-away playing time from the other attackers. The continued development of Rashford, Greenwood, and Martial is more important than Ighalo scoring in bunches.

The focus for Ighalo should be to help the club, which he seems poised to do. In a recent interview with the MUTV, Ighalo said, “I’m happy to be a Man United player, I’m looking forward to the game and I promise to give my best from the first day I put on the jersey to the last day of my time here.” Passion, leadership and intensity is what Ighalo can bring for us.

Where Ighalo can fit in the Squad

Ighalo is a great short-term replacement for Rashford, while Marcus is out with injury. When our no. 10 returns, Ighalo can still be useful by adding pace to the line. Rashford and Martial both have played wide as strikers, while Ighalo tends to stay more central and make quick runs into the box.

United needs immediate goal scorers. United create on average 1.44 big chances per game this season (36 chances in 25 games), while the 2013 United side averaged 2.34 big chances per game (89 chances in 38 games.) Numbers do not lie, United can use a proven scorer and creator. While Bruno can help with creating chances, Ighalo can take some of the load off of Rashford, Martial, and Greenwood upfront. This signing makes sense.

Off the Pitch

It is hard not to like this guy. With the off the field drama in recent years, United can use a positive player influence in the locker-room. Signing Ighalo allows a positive influence to affect the squad and Ighalo being a life-long supporter of the club should provide a boost as well. Hopefully, Ighalo can share his positivity and passion with everyone around Manchester United.

Glory Glory Man United.

Written by CJ Szaz.

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