Top Manchester United Right Wing Targets – Summer 2021

Top Manchester United Right Wing Targets

It all depends on which position the money goes to. If you have read my other articles on the upcoming summer transfer window, you will notice this one is considerably shorter. If Manchester United decide to spend a large amount of the available transfer budget on a striker, then I don’t believe investing real money in the right-winger position is necessary (this year). Mason Greenwood would continue to be the number one, with James and Amad filling in for rotation.

If, let’s just say for grins, Cavani decides to stay on with Manchester United for another year. Right wing would shoot to the top of the list for a large amount of the transfer budget, with striker being the focus in 2022. Here are a few players Manchester United could target at right wing if that is the case.

The “Here we go again…” signing:

Jadon Sancho – Borussia Dortmund

Age: 21

Current Value: $110 Million

We all remember the long, drawn-out saga that hovered over the Reds from Old Trafford during last year’s summer transfer window. The games Eddy the Clown was playing with Dortmund were laughed at by the Black and Yellow. Dortmund was fully aware of what they had in Sancho and weren’t willing to lower their asking price. This year could very well be a different story.

With the continued financial fallout from a pandemic hit year of football, coupled with the real possibility Dortmund missing out on the Champions League next year, the asking price for Sancho could fall to a level fit for Manchester United. Signing Sancho would not only upgrade the attack immediately, but it would also give Greenwood a chance to fully focus on honing his skills and becoming the number nine for many years to come.

The “Not realistic American and La Liga cast off” singings:

Christian Pulisic – Chelsea

Age: 22

Current Value: $55 Million

Mainly on this list because I would love to see an American not only play for Manchester United, but also bring talent and real meaningful contribution to the team. Yes, his injury history is a bit of a red flag. Yes, his price tag would be high because he plays for a rival and would probably have a steep “Premier League” tax. With that being said, Tuchel doesn’t seem to really want to play him all that much. I absolutely do not think this signing will happen.

Ousmane Dembele – Barcelona

Age: 23

Current Value: $55 Million

Barcelona signed Dembele from Dortmund for $148 million in 2017. His contract is up next summer and apparently talks of a contract extension haven’t even begun yet. Injuries have plagued his time there, but this season he’s stayed healthy and really turned his form around. Barcelona could use that to sell him and attempt to recoup some of that large fee they paid to get him.

The “Slightly less expensive but would still solidify the position” signing:

Leon Bailey – Bayer Leverkusen

Age: 23

Current Value: $39 Million

Manchester United have already been in contact with Bailey’s representatives. Apparently, he wants to make the move to the Premier League and there are a good handful of teams that have him on their radar. He would be a solid addition and the attacking right side would be his to take.

The “Relegation” signing:

Matheus Pereira – West Bromwich Albion

Age: 24

Current Value: $15 Million

The dark cloud of relegation looms over West Brom as we head into the final stretch of the season. While he just joined them last August, who knows if he will want to go through a season in the Championship. At his age, he could see it as a step backwards and ask to be sold or loaned. He would provide solid depth and rotation. If Manchester United work out a loan for him and save the transfer money, that would be even better.

Again, it all depends on what Manchester United want to do with the limited transfer window budget and Mason Greenwood. If they want to spend the money on a striker, then there’s no need to also spend large on a right-winger (this year) because of Greenwood. If they want to stop wasting time and move Mason to striker permanently, then it’s a short list because a large amount of the budget will need to go to the right winger position.

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