TRANSFER TARGET ANALYSIS: Cavani to Manchester United in the Summer?

Amid all of the transfer rumors and muppetry, ESPN released another article linking the PSG striker to Manchester United. According to the article, PSG have a 30 million pound price tag on Cavani, which would mean any possibility of a January move is impossible based on the tight wallets of the Glazers, as well as the sloth pace that Woodward seems to negotiate deals… Anyway, I thought the timing of the article was interesting. Cavani was rumored to be on his way to Athletico Madrid. However, all that aside, I decided to put together a list of Pros and Cons on him coming to Manchester United.


Free Transfer: We all know that Wooodward likes a deal. This could be a cheap signing that would free up some money to bring in other positions of need, such a midfield, midfield and midfield…

Depth Upfront: Manchester United are in dire need to get another striker. Injures are starting to come into play again with the likes of Rashford and Martial going down at different points this year, we need bodies up front. Cavani would be someone that we could put up top that could do a decent job for us either as a starter, or coming off the bench.

Experience: It’s easy to forget how young our attacking players are. Rashford, Martial, James, Greenwood and Pereira are all 24 years old or younger. I believe that Cavani would bring some leadership to the front line that would hopefully lead to more consistent performances.

Game-play: Cavani would bring a different style to the Manchester United front that I feel has been missing from United ever since the departure of Lukaku. He can be that big body up front that would take up space in the middle of the box, and provide a big target for passes in, as well as set pieces. This has been a huge need for us in games where opponents have sat-back and defended.


Productivity: The last two years, Cavani’s productivity has dropped significantly. He went from scoring 0.85 goals per appearance for PSG in 2017-2018 season, to only 0.69 last season. So far this season, he is currently at 0.38 goals per appearance.

Recent Injuries: It is no secret that Cavani has had his share of injury problems recently. This year alone, he has missed a total of 17 games due to injuries such as hip, calf, muscular, illness and fitness. These are definitely not good signs for coming into the Premier League.

Salary: Cavani currently has a 1 year contract with PSG worth 355,000 euros a week. I’m not sure what he would be looking for in terms of salary demands, but the last thing we need is to be trapped in another Sanchez type of contract with an aging, unproductive player that no one wants.


I’m not sure this would even be a reality for United. It seems like every transfer window, we are linked to just about any football player with a pulse, and the idea of bringing in any player to United is a task that Woodward is incapable of doing. However, I do feel that if he is still available, and United could get him in a 1 or 2 year contract at the right price. It might be worth taking a chance on the Uruguayan striker.


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