TRIM THE FAT! Manchester United MUST Sell Fringe Player ASAP.

**Reminder: Only 10 days remaining until the close of the international transfer market for Manchester United – Oct. 5th

Chris Smalling and Sergio Romero; these two names, among a few more, should mean something to you. Both Smalling and Romero are players we hear about on the move to different clubs.

However, with 10 days left in the window they should have been sold back in August. What is going on?

This Isn’t “Dead-Wood”

Last season on loan, Chris Smalling bolstered thirty starts for Roma, scored three times, and assisted twice, proving that he can certainly be a reliable threat in Serie A, so why are we not trying harder to move him along? Smalling has not only been linked to Roma but also Inter Milan. 

Sergio Romero, who would be a quality starter at many clubs around the world, not just in the Premier League, has also seen some interest in the transfer market, with nothing happening thus far. Latest news is maybe Everton thinking about bringing in the Argentine to compete with Pickford.

What is the United Board Doing?

We are less than two weeks away from the transfer window closing, and United is not making the moves they need. It is no longer fiction or speculation that we don’t have any money; it’s becoming more apparent that we have even less then what we thought.

Why would we not do what we can to create some funds? Is this just another Ed Woodward and Matt Judge blunder to add to the long list?

Eddie, if you are going to make comments as you did before the transfer window about us having the ability to do things that other clubs can’t, it’s time you damn well prove it. 

The bottom line, move these lads and the others, create some transfer funds, and get the job done.

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