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Never before has this title seemed so relevant an on-topic. Yesterday was a masterclass in how to deal with adversity and persevere against all odds. Ok maybe I’m exaggerating a little, but today was an emphatic win, that was not short of dramatics. United faced the Those Losers Who Enjoy Bubbles a Little Too Much as Grown Adults and produced a game-of-the-week performance.

LOL West Ham, We Got Ronaldo

This game had bullshit written all over it. There were a few contributions to this feeling I had, but it was chiefly these 3 reasons: starting McFred, Martin Atkinson refereeing, and Michail Antonio being out. Ole is visibly dopesick and has vicious withdrawals when he can’t start McFred. Fred must have some dirt on someone in the coaching staff to get all these starts. Martin Atkinson is a fuck-head. No follow up, he’s just a loser. With Antonio being out, West Ham clearly were just gonna pack it in even more than before. This trio are a wonderful recipe for the tomfoolery that would ensue in London.

Those Losers Who Enjoy Bubbles a Little Too Much as Grown Adults got EXTREMELY lucky off a horrible deflection from Varane and opened the scoring. Who cares cause 5 minutes later Bruno found Ronaldo for a tap-in that even Timo Werner could finish. JK Werner is the biggest waste of $70 million I have ever seen; the dirty Russian buying another mega-yacht is a better use of his blood money.

West Ham 1-2 Manchester United LIVE - De Gea saves late penalty! | Marca

Nonsense Against United

Sometime after the 50th minute, the tomfoolery increased. Pogba was deemed to have fouled Zouma after the Hammer took a heavy touch and hurdled Pogba’s foot as gracefully as a one-legged gazelle getting chased by a lion. Bullshit call. With the game tied going into the 70th minute, Ole finally made some subs and brought on Sancho and Lingard, who clearly use the same barber. Despite all the nonsense earlier, Martin Atkinson had to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is the worst ref ever.

Atkinson did so by first not calling a penalty when Ronaldo turned Soucek into a statue and hung out a loose leg. An unbiased fan probably says there’s not enough contact, but that’s not me. Next only a few minutes later, Ronaldo was yet again brought down by a slide tackle from Zouma that missed everything except Ronaldo’s leg. Despite the bullshit, Lingard pulled a feint on Zouma and fired a curler into the top corner to put United ahead with only a few minutes left.

After that, the fucking handball call in the dying minutes was about as harsh as they come, but DDG showed up big time and was a stonewall to the Premier League’s resident grandpa, Mark Noble. DDG has been on fire, and slowly is winning back his title of Undisputed #1 for United.

The Martin Atkinson Show

As a referee, I’m sure the qualifications and responsibilities of your job are endless, but there is really only one thing you have to do; don’t be the center of attention. Martin Atkinson clearly doesn’t give two shits what anyone thinks, and to be frank, I’m not sure any of the Premier League referee’s do. Their whistle has no rhyme or reason. There is no call that is clearly understood by fans and players alike. No two calls are called equally without bias in today’s game and to be frank, it partially ruins the product. Fouls that get called in the middle of the pitch are suddenly not called in the penalty area. Lazy tackles can either brandish a no-call, yellow, or even red depending on how the wind blows.

I get the human element of refereeing is inherent, but some calls just cannot be up for question. There is a clear bias in just about every game and I would not be surprised if it is done by design. The sincere question I propose is when will it stop? Martin Atkinson should get a stern talking to from the league. How two tackles exactly the same in form, but different in importance and contact are called differently is fucking bananas. Atkinson should be fucking demoted and required to serve a few weeks in an underground Siberian prison camp for the shit he pulled yesterday.

United Persevere

This game showed United has the ability to persevere and work through issues in real time. I’m sure life would be very different if Lingard hadn’t hit top bins, but who the fuck cares. Reality is United won. Although the loss mid-week was unbecoming of a top performing team, today was the antithesis. Life as a United fan is spent on the extremes of emotions, but that’s just the way it is. United are level on points for the league, and the other two teams don’t appear to be slowing down. This season is a sprint to the finish line, and a few missteps could decide the title. Gear the Fuck Up. #21in22 is still on, baby.


West Ham 1-2 Man Utd: Player ratings

P.S. Fuck Martin Atkinson. I’m not sure if that came through loud and clear, but just wanted to make sure the fans know where I stand.

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