WELCOME TO MANCHESTER! Facundo Pellistri Player Profile

I’m sure like most of you, when reports began leaking out about Facundo Pellistri being on the verge of signing with our beloved Red Devils, I immediately went “Who?!”. Hopefully this post gives you a little insight to our new Uruguayan winger.

So Who Is Facundo?

Facundo Pellistri is an 18 year old right winger from Montevideo, Uruguay. Before United, Pellistri was in the academy of Uruguayan top flight team Peñarol. It would not be long before young Facundo broke into the first team at the age of just 17. His pace and technical ability immediately caught people’s eye as the youngster fearlessly took on opponents several years his senior.

Pellistri would go on to make 30 appearances for the Manyas, scoring 1 goal, as he helped his side to runner’s up finish in the league. In just one season, he had drawn the eyes of several European clubs, but United made the most concrete contact with the young Facundo. After paying a 10 million buy out clause and securing of work permit, Pellistri made his way to Manchester to begin his journey of becoming his countries next big player in Europe.

Where does Facundo Play?

Pellistri mainly deploys on the right wing but is capable of playing both flanks. At 5ft 9in, he’s not the biggest player out there but still has room to grow. From watching his highlight video, his lack of size does not hinder him in the slightest. His confidence with his pace and dribbling allows him to challenge the often bigger defenders.

He reminds me of Dan James in a way. Lots of speed but with more creativity. However, he is clearly still very raw and needs time to develop. Because like Dan James, he relies on that speed and at this level you can’t just be fast. Watch his highlight reel and you be the judge.

Looks Good in Red

When Will See Him In The First Team?

So far he has made just a few U-23 appearances and likely that is where he will spend the majority of this season. Despite our need at RW, I think its best to not rush this kid. He needs time to settle into a new country and team. I do think however we may see him in a cup match this year or maybe even a league game towards the end of the season, but not a consistent run. While it may be a few years out, Pellistri joins a group of young players in the United academy who look like the real deal. Let’s hope he continues to develop and becomes a future star.

To Wrap Up

So this isn’t the longest write up on a player, but there isn’t much more to write. This is a young player with one year of top flight football. Fans need to be patient and let him grow. He strikes me as someone with the confidence to go far. I personally feel this team could use some South American flair. Maybe this is the guy to finally bring it. Hopefully he is up for the challenge. Only time will tell. GGMU


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