Why Ralf Rangnick is Perfect to Clean-up the Glazers’ Mess (Finale)

My worst suspicions about the Glazers’ appointment of Ralf Rangnick are proving true in only his third full month in charge. So much so, that I’ve decided to shit-can the remainder of my series covering Rangnick’s key strengths. The German’s wealth of knowledge in philosophy and recruitment and how our beloved Manchester United would benefit.

Sorry folks. It looks like Ralf Rangnick’s reign is going to be a short one.

After not backing the German in January because “they wanted to wait for the next manager”, it’s becoming more and more evident he was nothing more than substitute teacher all along. Ralf Rangnick, a man commonly referred to as the “Godfather of German Football“, is apparently not experienced enough to decide which players Manchester United should sign or which manager to pursue.

What a load of bullshit.

Standards or Lack there of

That’s right folks. The German revolution at Manchester United is going to be temporary. The more and more noise that comes out of the English press here, here, and here, the more it’s becoming evidently clear that our dipshit board prefers falling-star Mauricio Pochettino. They’ve decided 3 months into this experiment to ditch the club builder in favor of the Woodward’s long coveted target.

The same Ralf Rangnick who gazumped Manchester United‘s woefully inexperienced Director of Football, John Murtough, to the bargain signing of Erling Haaland for just £3million, because I shit you not, Murtough mixed up the time-zones. Woops! No, wouldn’t want to trust Ralf Rangnick, who also signed Sade Mane and Roberto Firmino for €4million each, during his times at RB Salzburg and Hoffenheim, respectively. I can’t imagine he could have sniffed out any bargains in January…

What about the next manager to inherit the dumpster fire that is Manchester United? Which was led here under the careful stewardship of our kind and benevolent owners. As Director of Football of the Red Bull empire, Rangnick handpicked Julian Nagelsmann as his manager of choice. We know how that worked out.

Rangnick is recommending Ajax’s Eric ten Hag. Woodward, the Board and the players want easy-going Mauricio Pochettino. Pochettino will almost certainly be the next manager, as he fits the bill for what the board wants for this shit-sandwich of a football organization.

Around & Around We Go

Look at this fucking doofus – “time zones? what time zones.”

We are fucked. This club will continue deteriorate for as long as the Glazer family continues as the owners. During their tenor, Manchester United experienced the greatest decline of any sporting institution in the modern era.

At the end of the day, Joel Glazer decides who the next manager for Manchester United will be, like Malcom before him. The same Joel Glazer that has overseen Manchester United since 2014, and allowed Ed Woodward to drive this famous club off a cliff.

Pochettino. Ten Hag. Rangnick. Nothing changes until the Glazers sell the Club. So for now, if you see one of the Glazers out and about, do what this United fan legend did to Woodward back in 2019.

Glazers Out! Now and forever.

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