Why Ronaldo will be a Success with Manchester United!

Cristiano Ronaldo is now officially back with Manchester United. The deal was agreed last week, but was finalized and photos of Ronaldo in a red shirt were completed this week. Of course, everyone is talking or writing about this topic right now, so I couldn’t help myself. Honestly, I was going to skip writing on Ronaldo because I know he’s just pure class, there’s nothing to discuss.

But, that was until I saw some critics of this move. Those who claim Ronaldo may impact the club negatively or have said his age has caught up with him. For starters, those critiques are utter bollocks. Lastly, Cristiano Ronaldo is already a legend with this great club and his last dance will only secure his place in United folklore.

Cristiano is a Physical Freak

There is no known athlete on this planet that trains as hard or is as determined as Cristiano. The man is in the best shape of anyone I’ve ever seen. He has everything from cardio and speed to strength. There’s absolutely nobody like him, and nobody I’d trust more to be prepared for the biggest match. So, this claim that he’s too old now or has declined is an absolute joke.

Edinson Cavani is 34 years old and still capable of producing the goods on football’s biggest stage. But, he does lack the fitness to be called upon week in week out. He is older than Cavani, but is capable of playing every single week for a full 90 minutes each and every time. Why do so many United fans love Cavani, but are skeptical about Ronaldo’s age? It makes no sense. Ronaldo has produced every single season of his career at the highest level.

Cristiano Ronaldo may be on the wrong side of 30, but he is in better shape than any player out there. Does Ronaldo look like someone that couldn’t keep up with Premier League players? No, he doesn’t. You must either be blind or just hater to think otherwise. This is the same Cristiano that just a month or so ago defended a ball in his own net and ran the distance of the field out pacing defenders to score a goal for Portugal in the Euros. Ronaldo may be at the age in which most footballers call it quits, but Ronaldo is not your typical football. Honestly, if you haven’t noticed that by now then just piss off.

Ronaldo still yolked up

Ronaldo Produces Every Year

Okay, so apparently some people believe Ronaldo hasn’t just lost a step but he can’t play at the Premier league level anymore. What in the flying fuck are those people smoking? The guy has put up the numbers and performances every single week for the world’s biggest clubs since he left United. He has also produced against the best teams in the Champions League every single season. Oh, he also was the top scorer at the Euros this summer.

Romelu Lukaku is being touted as reformed man that will be an absolute success in his return to the Premier League. This is based off of his performances of Inter Milan in Serie A. The league in which Cristiano has also played the last few seasons. So why is Lukaku a terrific signing for Chelsea if he was playing in a league significantly lacking in quality? Well, because he wasn’t and we all know it. The Serie A is a top league with top players. Not many of their teams have produced in the UCL recently but there was also a long while in which neither did Premier League sides. You can’t base a leagues overall strength on it’s UCL success. So, of course Lukaku will succeed with Chelsea. But, that also means Ronaldo will succeed with United. Cristiano beat Lukaku to the golden boot in Serie A last season. And they say he’s lost a step?

Cristiano Ronaldo: Juventus CEO dismisses transfer speculation and insists  Portugal star represents club's future | Football News | Sky Sports

Ronaldo brings Elite Mentality to United

Manchester has lacked something significantly since the departure of Sir Alex in 2013. What they have been lacking was leadership and a ‘fuck off’ mentality. Cristiano Ronaldo will bring that back to United and will pass it on to our young players. Ronaldo leads by example and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. But, he also knows how to push fellow players in the right way. Players that have played with the man throughout his career have nothing but praise for him as not just a player but a teammate. This idea of Ronaldo being arrogant or selfish is just misguided. His perceived arrogance is just a consequence of his incredible determination and self belief. Ronaldo doesn’t doubt himself, and that’s something we could all use more of. Lastly, Ronaldo may be the most unselfish player ever with regards to his talent.

Ronaldo has given up PK duties, free kick duties, and much more to players he thought were more suited at the time or needed it. Famously, Ronaldo gave Karim Benzema a pk when the Frenchman was suffering a long goal drought. Then proceeded to tell fans at the Bernabeu to get off of Benzema’s back. Ronaldo is one of, if not the best player in the world, so he doesn’t have to give anything up but he did. A lesser known act of being a team player was prior to the UCL final against Chelsea in 2008. Ronaldo told Hargreaves prior to kickoff that if they received a free kick Hargreaves would be taking it. This was because Ronaldo noticed how great Hargreaves was striking the ball in training the days prior. Ronaldo has also shown his tremendous leadership as the captain of Portugal. From encouraging others to have the confidence to take pk’s to leading his team while injured on the sidelines, he’s done it all.

Elite Leader

Cristiano Ronaldo will lead this team unlike anyone else at the club is remotely capable of. Not just on the pitch, but off the pitch. On the training ground, in the weight room, and on holiday Ronaldo will lead by example. When the team puts their heads down, falls behind, feels off of it. Ronaldo will be there to pick everyone up. This won’t just help the squad now but in the future as well. The young minds of Mason Greenwood, Jadon Sancho, Marcus Rashford, and Scott McTominay will all soak up everything Ronaldo has to offer.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Man United return is nostalgic, lacks sense - Sports  Illustrated
Viva Ronaldo

Ronaldo the Man

Cristiano knows what he has, knows he’s worked hard for it, but he also knows he’s fortunate. Ronaldo is proud of his success and his hard work has earned him that success. But, he does recognize that there are others in need for reasons out of their control and knows that it’s like to live in poverty. He was born in raised in Madeira Portugal where he lived in poverty with his mother and saw his alcoholic father die while he was still very young. He knows what it’s like to be poor, what it’s like to struggle, and what it’s like to suffer. That’s why he always works harder than everyone else and is proud of his accomplishments.

Ronaldo donates avidly to several different charities and even takes it upon himself to directly fund help for others. He recently turned his hotels in Portugal into makeshift hospitals and donated funds to others. The man has taken pay cuts for his clubs success and to donate to others. Cristiano supports his teammates constantly, supports his family, gives back to his communities, and so much more. He even defended a kid made fun of for attempting to speak Portuguese. Lastly, the sole reason Ronaldo has no tattoos is so he can consistently donate blood. Cristiano is a great man, ask anyone that knows him. More importantly, just ask Sir Alex Ferguson about Ronaldo.

To learn even more about why Ronaldo is such a great man just take a look at this article form the Sun: https://www.the-sun.com/sport/premier-league/359566/23-reasons-love-cristiano-ronaldo-man-utd/

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Title Bound

When you’re a perineal success you’ll always stir people up, create haters, and those who seek to bring you down. People will fabricate stories, spread lies, refuse to give you praise, it’s the story of life really. Some people just simply hate to see others succeed so much. Cristiano Ronaldo is a serial winner, great player, tremendous teammate, and an even better man. Number 21 for Manchester United can’t be far away now.

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