A Fan’s Response to the Joel Glazer “Apology” Letter

A Fan’s Response to the Joel Glazer “Apology” Letter

To Joel Glazer and Family,

Over the past 15 years, we have all witnessed you and your family tarnish the reputation of Manchester United Football Club. While we as supporters love and support the club, we feel no sympathy for you. You made it clear that you see Manchester United as your own personal piggy-bank and we have noticed. Your actions are unforgivable and you are not welcome at United. The consensus across the fanbase is to get you and the rest of the Glazer family out, now and always.

Although it may seem like we are only infuriated over the recent Super League, we will not forget all you’ve taken from us. You will never have the backing of United supporters. We continue to believe that under proper owners, Manchester United will be restored to glory. However, we fully agree that you are not such people to do so.

In seeking to support the club we love, we financial funded you and your family. For that we are extremely remorseful. This is the world’s great football club and we hope to see you leave it as soon as possible. It is important for you to sell the club, now.

Glazers Out – Now and Forever

Manchester United has a rich heritage and we are waiting for our club to return to its prior status before you arrived. The pandemic made us stay at home, but across the globe we still supported United and will continue to even when the world returns to normal.

We also realise that we need to firmly take a stance against you, because you are killing our club. In the foreground, you can be sure that we will be actively protesting you and your ownership. Our goal is to work together across the league to take down owners who see their clubs as nothing more than financial statements and quarterly dividends.

Right now, our priority is to remove you from our historic and beloved Manchester United, for the hope our club can become again what it once was. In closing, I would like to recognise the only action you ought to take for the betterment of our club, is to leave it.

With best regards,

A Life-Long United Supporter

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