American Red Devils Welcome Chris Meidl as a Guest Contributor


Hello United fans! My name is Chris and I am very excited to announce that I am going to be contributing to the American Red Devils blog. I am excited for the opportunity to be able to write about varying topics, such as match ratings for every match, as well as varying opinion pieces when I have thoughts about what is going on with the club.

I currently live in the Northeast Wisconsin area, Appleton to be specific. I look forward to spreading my passion for the club throughout my home area and to the visitors of this site. I have been following the podcast for months now, thoroughly enjoying listening to all the insight from Alex and John. Being able to contribute my own material to the website is an amazing opportunity and I couldn’t be more excited to become a bigger member of this family.

Why Manchester United?

In the grand scheme of things, I am relatively new to the soccer fandom. Growing up I never played and was not very interested in soccer as a whole. My love for Manchester United didn’t start until I got to college. The group of friends I made on my dorm floor were all big soccer fans and the nights spent hanging out playing Fifa were endless.

Even at the beginning, I was just a soccer fan, not having an allegiance to any club in particular. Honestly, I cannot pinpoint the exact moment when I was like, “yeah Man United is my team,” but I think that alone speaks volumes about the club. Me, being a growing fan, was just drawn to United.

Mind you, this was at the time when my roommate had just bought a brand new Memphis Depay jersey, so that is where the club was at around that time. Whether it was the history, the aura, or just the power being the Manchester United brand, I have found myself watching every game, reading every tweet, and listening to countless pods ever since.

Manchester United will rise and take their rightful place atop Europe again, better get on board now and enjoy the ride.

Glory Glory Man United


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