Ed Woodward is Hindering Ole’s Development as Manchester United Manager

The clubs who properly support their managers are the most successful clubs in world football; United’s board is not supporting Ole. While Manchester United’s goal should never be to finish 3rd in the Premier League, Ole did well to accomplish this feat. The feeling around camp was that if United managed to qualify for the Champions League, then the board would pay up this summer. However, United are yet to sign a player and have been stalling all window.

Deadwood Replacements

Ole has done an excellent job of removing the deadwood from United. His process of bringing in new young players and reviving the squad has helped the club grow. Those new signings have forced out the older, past-prime players in the squad. From all indications, this has been a positive step for United.

However, with those players leaving the club, Woodward has not brought in enough replacements. Due to this, United lacks depth. The starting 11 is one of the best in the Premier League, but if players get hurt United cannot replace them. The best clubs in Europe have deep squads, but Woodward has not allowed Ole to build that at United. Woodward has been focused on a small set of expensive signings, rather than a larger amount of affordable players.

Targets, but No Rewards

Halfway through last season, United was 8th in the Premier League. Matchweek 19 saw United a full 11 points away from Leicester, who they had to overtake to finish 3rd on the last game of the season. The best case scenario was to qualify for Champions League football from finishing 4th, but United finishing 3rd seemed completely out of reach. Ole’s late-season rally to finish 3rd was nothing less than remarkable. Not to mention the ~$80 million Ole gained for the club by qualifying for the Champions League.

How did the Glazers and Woodward reward the boys? They haven’t. This transfer window has seen every big club in England make quality signings, except United. Woodward balked on the Sancho deal, missed out on Ake, and could be too slow to Gabriel. Woodward is halting the progress of United. The club needs signings and reinforcements, Ed Woodward refuses to deliver.

Lack of Interest

The Glazers and Woodward have avoided investing in United for one reason: they do not care about the club. In the past, United’s poor performances added to their lack of interest. Now, however, it is obvious that they do not care about Manchester United.

Without support from the board, Ole will never revive United. The main thing keeping Ole away from glory is the Glazers and Woodward.

Glory Glory Man United.

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