American Red Devils Welcome Jonah as Guest Contributor

Hello everyone! My name is Jonah Lee Hood and I will be contributing as a writer for the American Red Devils blog. My undying and burning love for this club is what has brought me here. I’m extremely excited to have the opportunity to share my thoughts on the club and interact with fellow Red Devils


I’m just going to begin with a little background on myself. I’m 25 years old and live in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I work as a chemist for Sterling Pharma Solutions based in Germantown, WI and am a recent Environmental Science graduate from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. My regular hobbies include running/lifting, snowboarding, playing soccer, music, and supporting Manchester United. 

Why I Love Manchester United

I declared myself a Red Devil when I was just 7 years old (2002) and told my mother all I wanted for Christmas was a Manchester United jersey. Obviously at such a young age my attention span was a little short, so I was more of a highlight reel viewer at the time. I really began avidly watching games when I was around 12 or 13. That was when it really took over and every game became a priority for me. 

For as long as I can remember now, every Manchester United game is on my calendar and I find a way to watch the game no matter what. Some of my favorite viewing memories include the 2008 UCL final, Crsitiano Ronaldo’s dominant display in a comeback against Tottenham, and more recently our 3-2 win away to City under Jose Mourinho. I can’t really explain it but Manchester United really has a grip on my emotions; a good day is always made better with a win and a bad day turns good with a win. On the contrary I can go an entire day without talking to anyone after a bitter loss. 

Favorite Players

I have a huge list of some personal favorites that have played for Manchester United, but I’ll keep it to five for this post. Coming in at number one is Cristiano Ronaldo; was going to put Roy Keane at number one but the fact that I prioritize watching CR7’s games almost just as much as United games to this date puts him in at number one. For me Ronaldo is much more than just a favorite soccer player, he’s an idol, a role model. I’ve looked up to this man since I was a little kid, and he provides inspiration for me to this date. I love his work ethic, and he’s half the reason I’ve stuck to such a demanding workout schedule. 

Coming in at number two is Roy Keane. I just adore this man, I think he’s hilarious and I love his passion for the club. The man was a true leader and stuck up for all of his fellow United players through thick and thin. Although, much like a good family member, he’ll call you out for your bulshit and hold everyone accontable. His many battles with Vierra of Arsenal created my favorite player rivalry of all time. If it weren’t for his inability to realize young players today see the game differently than he does I’d say he should be the clubs current manager. 

Rounding out the list respectively is Eric Cantona, Rio Ferdinand, and George Best. Lastly, I just wanted to note that Scott Mctominay is my favorite current United player. I really see the young Scottsmen as the future captain of United, and he’s the only player on the pitch that always looks like he’s giving 110 percent. 

Role at the Blog

Much is yet to be determined but I hope to be writing regular opinion pieces and articles on the clubs unique and storied history. I can’t wait to get started. 

Lastly, I just want to thank John and Alex again for giving me this opportunity. I look forward to contributing to the American Red Devils community to the best of my abilities and hopefully getting to know some of you. Glory Glory Man United!

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