Should They Stay or Should They Go?

Who is they you ask? When it comes to Manchester United these days they could be just about anyone with the club. But this article specifically focuses on two of the more polarizing players at the club. I’m talking Paul Pogba and David De Gea.

Both players divide opinions amongst the fans, pundits, and neutrals alike. I want to take a look at the status of each player as they stand today and decide if it’s time say au revoir and adios to two of the biggest names at our beloved club. I will break down each player in their own post.

Part 1- The Spaniard

World’s No.1, Dave Saves

I remember years back when United first signed this lanky, goof-ball looking kid from Spain to be the new no.1 keeper. I thought at first it was a long shot. He wasn’t physical enough for the league. Wasn’t sure he could handle the pressure ala Tim Howard, and just end up having to look for another Van der Sar.

Fast forward 10 seasons and he is without doubt one of the best keepers in United’s illustrious history. The first 4 or 5 years post Fergie, it was Dave Saves who gave United hope and a chance for continued success.

However the last 2 1/2 years have been some of the toughest years for our Spanish guardian between the post. A dip in form beginning at the end of Jose’s reign led to a disastrous world cup for De Gea and Spain, and frankly has not gotten much better. No longer the undisputed no.1 for his country, it’s fair to say he has lost some of his confidence.

In my eyes, he has almost reverted back to those early years where he was unsure about balls in the box or not having enough conviction when he does go for the ball. This timidness has led to some costly errors. He also doesn’t seem to communicate to his defense like he used to. This from the outside looking in appears to have led to some distrust between the back 4 and De Gea.

In the games with Henderson in the net, the back 4 just seems to be a little more confident. I could be wrong, but I’m also not alone in thinking that. De Gea has had more errors the last two seasons than he did in his first 8.

Where Do We Go From Here??

So what should the club do? They already brought in real competition by not letting Henderson go back on loan and the young Englishman has made no secret he wants the no.1 job. Couple that with solid showings in each of his starts and De Gea is no doubt feeling the heat. Initially it seemed De Gea had regained his old form, but it did not last as the errors soon returned. So again I ask myself, what should the club do with this club legend?

If I was in charge, I’d sit down with David, thank him for absolutely everything, and then tell him we are making Dean Henderson no.1 and we will do everything in our power to facilitate a move that benefits both United and David. I don’t come to this conclusion easy. I love David. The guy has grown up with the club, delivered some insane moments, and been a top pro.

After missing out on a dream move to Real Madrid thanks to a “mysterious” fax machine error, many players would sulk and form dip. That did not happen with De Gea. He got his head right and had some fantastic seasons. That’s what a real club legend does. So it pains me to suggest the time to move on has come, but let’s face it, it is. I want David to regain his swagger and form, but I don’t think that will happen at United. It’s clear to me that a change in scenery is needed.

It’s also the right time for United to move on for various reasons. Number 1 is the fact that Henderson looks the part in limited appearances and deserves more run as the top keeper. Number 2 is financial. I highly highly doubt we can hope for a massive fee for De Gea. His iffy form and large contract are potential stumbling blocks for a big move. According to Transfermarkt his current market value is estimated at $38.5 million dollars.

Let’s suspend reality for a second and say the perfect situation arrived and a team offered a fee of $35-$40 million. Let’s also pretend its a club he would leave for and personal terms were already agreed. Not only do you pocket a decent transfer fee, you free up an additional 58.5 million euros for the remainder of his contract. That’s some decent coin to then re-invest into the club.

As John has painfully highlighted numerous times, United are broke. So moving De Gea on gives United some room to make moves to improve the overall squad.

Back to reality, it will not be an easy transfer to make. There are very few teams that would want him or afford him. But I think it’s time to try. For David’s future and for United’s. Glory Glory Man United!

He’s big, he’s brave, he’s Spanish Dave, He makes great saves, he never shaves, He’s flying through the air, come and have a shot if you dare!


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