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I am at peace. I feel pain no more. The funny thing about being hurt over and over is your body begins to adapt. Slowly and slowly, my body has been gearing me up for this, so I can face it without fear and focus on what’s important. I am not angry, nor annoyed. Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer is not my manager, nor should he be the manager at Manchester United.

No More Fighting, Please

The worst part about fandom is seeing fans from both sides of an argument bicker about the current, narrow picture rather than the overarching problems. Ole in vs. Ole out. Finally there can be no more bickering or name calling. There is no more defense of Ole at this moment. The man simply is what he is. No more hoping or imagining. No more blind faith is needed. Ole is not good enough to manage this team, and that’s ok.

Ole took over as a caretaker manager, and he did pretty well at that. He inherited a somewhat divided dressing room after Our Dear Leader Jozay practically burned Carrington down to the ground when he left. He did the unthinkable in Paris, and brought elation to fans all over the world, who thought something new was just getting started. 3 years later, over $300 million spent, and a few poor performances in key matches later, Ole is just what we proclaimed him as when he first came aboard.

The only real issue with Ole being a caretaker manager is that this team doesn’t need a caretaker manager. Long gone are the days of a 17 year old Greenwood, Ashley Young getting far too much playing time, Lukaku sending his first touch out of play, and Andreas Periera being forced to play as a CDM. This team is riddled with superstars at every position, and just don’t really need to be coddled. Please, stop the fighting amongst us, and focus on the real issue at hand. The times they are a changin’.

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Just How Good is Ole?

Not very, is the answer I’m afraid. Sure he has a high winning percentage and you can name all the times we have “exceeded” expectations, but that doesn’t matter anymore. Now that United have a squad worth one BILLION dollars, talent at every position, and a solid depth chart, Ole has never had a more difficult job. Why is his job so difficult if he has everything you could possibly want? Expectations. Its the same reason we clown Shitty every year for never winning a Champions League, and call the Scouser bastards at every chance we can. Those teams have expectations and miss them. I’m not sure I can slate these other teams anymore, because when I look at my own, I have the same problems (JK – FUCK those powder puff Shitty supporters).

On the reals, this is the second time Ole has faced fair expectations, and he has done poorly on both circumstances. The first was that dumbass final in Gdansk that he shit the bed at. Currently, United are not first in the top 4 in the league, or leading their CL group. It is early on, but does that really matter? If you aren’t competing from the onset, are you really even competing at the end? Haters will say Shitty ran off like 19 straight, to win the league last year after a slow start, but is Ole really capable of that? After losing 4 of the last 7, can you really convince yourself United are still title and Champions League favorites? Lie to me, but just don’t lie to yourself.

What Next?

To be honest, I don’t know. I know Ole won’t get the job done, and since the Glazers just backed him, there is really no chance we win anything. They are bad juju whenever their name comes on the press I swear. What’s next is that this dressing room will get frustrated. Losing brings out the worst in people, and this dressing room won’t put up with it. Ronaldo left Juventus because they weren’t winning enough, and you think he’s just gonna be ok with coming in 4th and bouncing out at the Round of 16? FUCK NO!

Ole is not good enough, and doesn’t deserve United. I can name 6 managers IN THE PREM that are better than Ole. Klopp, Pep, Rodgers, Viera, Tuchel, and Benitez are all better than Ole. These are cold hard facts. It would be in everyone’s best interest if Ole left ASAP, and a better manager was brought in. Unfortunately, the list is short after everyone made their moves this offseason and we twiddled our thumbs and hoped for the best. Get Zidane in and pay him whatever. I don’t give a fuck if he can’t speak English, this team deserves better than what Ole will have given them by the end of the season.

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I need you, you bald French Bastard

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