Annual Glazer Dividend Day! Today, the Glazers receive a share dividend payment (£17m annually). Evidence of millions more in Directors’ Fees. Since 2012, they have sold 37m United shares netting over $500m. Plus, over £1 billion paid in interest on Glazer debt which, even today, is £496m #mufc

Despite this, United’s own debt still stands at an eye-watering £496m, a full 14 years after the takeover. This money was used entirely to buy United’s shares for the 6 Glazer children #debtjunkies

To look after their financial interests, the Glazers put ex-banker Woodward in charge of United. Over 6 years he has demonstrated nothing but gross incompetence in all sporting matters. ‘He has zero understanding of football’ said Van Gaal this week. #failure #mufc

United’s senior management comprises accountants and ex-bankers (Woodward, Arnold, Judge, Tesayo and others). There is no sporting expertise. The word is that Woodward has appointed a series of “yes men” to senior jobs who “laugh at his jokes”. #shambles #mufc

And this from from @ToeInTheWater1 – who regularly writes about the club finances for our Red News fanzine …

Takeover was in 2005 and debt was £558m. Increased to £777m by 2010 (debt was so high that Ronaldo fee went to repay a small part of it). As at March 2019 debt is £496m £1 billion of United’s money paid out in fees and interest. But amount of debt still at £496m. None of the capital has been repaid since 2011. Interest-only is being paid.

#GlazersOut #WoodwardOut #LoveUnitedHateGlazer

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