BREAKING NEWS: Manchester City BANNED from Champions League!

Pep Guardiola has said that he desires to win the Champions League with Manchester City. However, City might not get the chance over the next two years, as UEFA has banned Manchester City from any competition (Champions League and Europa League), for breaking Financial Fair Play rules. Manchester City plans to appeal this ban to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Legal Process

Manchester City will appeal to the CAS (Court of Arbitration for Sport) within the next 10 days. The City Football Group’s main argument will be that UEFA banned City without a proper investigation. UEFA has been looking into City for many years, and City has not cooperated in their investigation.

The CAS will decide Manchester City’s fate for European football. While back in England, the FA may force a points reduction and fine upon City if they are found guilty. Both groups want to resolve the matter quickly, but a case this large is unprecedented in today’s game.

What this means for United

Who cares about City! Let’s talk about us. If City finishes within the Premier Leauge top 4 and the ban is upheld, then the 5th place team will qualify for the Champions League. United sits 7th place as of February 19th. A few quality wins place United back into 5th in the table.

This is within reach for United. Qualifying for the Champions League also helps United attract world-class signings. The United rebuild will be bolstered if the club qualifies for Champions League football. Thanks to City, United are a lot closer to returning to the UCL next season.

Tainted Titles

If the ban is upheld, then the titles from Man City will be seen as corrupted titles. Additionally, to the UEFA ban, City faces a possible Premier League points reduction and fine. This consequently, tarnishes all of the progress City have made over past years. The main question for the FA and UEFA is how will they deal with cheaters. PSG in a similar fashion may also be investigated by UEFA for breaking financial rules.

Where are ya going, Pep?

Pep Guardiola has a decision to make. He can watch his ship sink if found guilty or jump to another club. Juventus have been continually linked with Pep and the reports are not slowing. Pep leaving would put City into crisis mode. In addition to losing their manager, players will not want to stay at the club.

World-class players in the prime of their career would not stay at a club if there is no UEFA competitions. United’s large transfer flaw throughout the past few years has been their lack of Champions League play, but that might change and City would take on the blemish of no Champions League football.

United’s Goals

Ole and the lads need to be focused on qualifying for the Champions Leauge. Whether they do it from finishing 5th or above in the league or winning the Europa Leauge, it does not matter. The goal is set: Qualify for Europe. If Ole can manage to qualify for the Champions League, then the rebuild can be regarded as a success. The future just got a lot brighter for United.

Glory Glory Man United.

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