CR7 Late to the Party

Young CR7

This story resonated with my pre-teen son. His response is at the end.

I showed up at the Manchester United party too late. I got here in time to eat the next to last cold hot dog and get the crumbs at the bottom of the Doritos bag. That’s all that was left because all the hamburgers were gone. It was just me standing at the side of the driveway with some new friends hearing about the glory days, while Jose yelled at a puppy and kicked over the Yeti before he ran the stop sign leaving the neighborhood.

Then Ole rolled in (such a nice guy!) with a bag full of steaks, that were beautiful and cooked up nice on one side, but there was a grease fire when we flipped them and they burnt up. Our guy, Carrick, almost had the fire out, but then Ralf showed up. A nice guy with good intentions (if a bit wild), Ralf borrowed the lawnmower gas two days earlier and brought it back during the party … only to set it down too close to that grill. All of the sudden it looked like the Fourth of July when the eleven year olds are in charge.

In the middle of this party something else happened. Just when I was busy listening to the cool stuff that happened before I showed up (there were fireworks, a live band and lots of silverware), the old neighborhood star showed up and parked in the spot Jose left. Somebody had painted CR7 on his car and everyone was happy he was here. It seemed like such a good thing, because he’d been here in during the good times. In fact, he made a bunch of the good times. He brought his own fireworks and they were the best fireworks. He worked so hard to make sure everything was just right and when he showed up … well, we all thought it was a great thing.

But we forgot that he’d left before and went to another party and created good times there. And then he did that again at a different party.

Now that those good times were over, he was back and everyone was so glad. It just seemed right. It felt right to our hearts because CR7 being back was contagious. Him just being there made it awesome, plus he’d do stuff and make everyone laugh and smile and forget that the house was still on fire.

It was fun, but we needed him to not only make the party fun for a minute. We needed him to tell everyone the house was on fire. We needed him to tell everyone that today was hard, but he was gonna stick it out, clean up the litter, set the cornhole boards back up straight, reload the cooler that Jose kicked over … all of this so that that tomorrow would be really awesome. And we needed him to tell the rest of the folks that this dude Erik had a great plan to get the grill warmed up again, was sending someone to the store to get the right groceries and make the party awesome again.

But CR7 … he really only wanted to be here for the laughs before he drove over to the other neighborhood … the one with an infinity pool and table top fire pits and Champions League.

My son replied to this story with no smile and these simple words, “CR7 has got to go.” I think he gets it.

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