Cristiano Ronaldo vs Phone

Ronaldo grits his teeth in anger during a recent United match.

Cristiano Ronaldo find himself in hot water after his post Everton match antics.

Cristiano Ronaldo found himself in the headlines for all the wrong reasons following a poor Manchester United performance against Everton. The clearly frustrated Ronaldo was filmed leaving the field, stopping and slapping the phone out of a young autistic fans hand.

The mother took to social media following the incident to share their experience. The post also shows a photo of the broken screen as a result of Ronaldo’s outburst towards the young fan. The mother went on to say that this was her son’s first match and this has left him leery of attending another match again. In an article found on the Daily Mail, the mother continued on that her son was still in shock. Cristiano Ronaldo post on Instagram that he has offered the family a trip to Old Trafford as a sign of “fair-play and sportsmanship”. You can read the entire post below.

The Fallout

As one would expect, the family has turned this gesture down from Cristiano. The family, being Everton fans, have no desire to go to Old Trafford and view the apology as lacking. Manchester United felt that the apology was reasonable and sincere so they are no longer looking into the matter. Merseyside police are talking to all parties involved and will continue to investigate.

The Takeaway

However this plays out for him, this should a lesson that Cristiano takes to heart. He needs to remember that all eyes are on him at all times. I am not saying that having a phone in your face is something you should just tolerate but slapping the phone from a kid isn’t tolerated either. He needs to be more understanding to the fact that some people go to a match just to catch a glimpse of him doing what he does best. Hopefully he can correct his demeanor going forward and treat the young fans the exact way he would want his own kids to be treated.

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