Dan James Deserves More Gametime at Manchester United

Everyone knows that Manchester United needs an answer at the right wing position. Many had hoped Mason Greenwood could carry on his excellent from from the end of the last campaign. While there were those hoping United would sign Jadon Sancho. Lastly, there are those like myself who’ve hoped to see Amad Diallo just slide right into the squad and become a star. Diallo’s days are young and he’ll surely become a star, but for now United has no answer at right wing. Although, I believe the answer for now has been right under our nose this entire time. The answer is a young Welshmen named Daniel James.

James Disappearance

Seriously, what happened to Dan James? Why did Ole just suddenly stop using him in the squad until recently? Sure he did have a hard go of it last campaign, after lighting the world a blaze with a debut goal against Chelsea followed by a stunner versus Southampton. But, why would that mean United would stop using a 23 year old touted by Ryan Giggs himself to be great? Now, I’ll admit I’ve had my doubts about the young lad and was calling for his benching last season several times. Although, given United’s current situation I don’t see anyone more suited to fill the right wing position at the moment.

The Man to Answer the Call

Since his start against Leeds this past December James has scored 4 times with one assist in only 6 appearances. When called upon James has answered the call. So why is he not playing even more? This honestly baffles me. I’m sure some of it has to do with Ole feeling the need to fit Greenwood somewhere in the team, but the future star is not a right winger. Greenwood on the right just isn’t working at the moment. The void that will be left at the number 9 position after Cavani’s departure is where Greenwood needs to be playing. Until that time comes Dan James needs to play as United’s number one right winger.

In United’s last two matches James has scored twice with one assist. During the matches against Real Sociedad and New Castle, James showed he can link up well with United’s stars. James also displayed his ability to create chances and finish in tight situations ruthlessly. When the ball fell to him off of Matic’s pass against New Castle James proved to be decisive and clinical. Which is something the likes of Rashford and Martial have been incapable of displaying on a regular basis this season.

Dan James can outrun every single defender in the premier league without a doubt. Against the big teams like City he’s an outlet and can be the catalyst for a speedy counter attack. While against the smaller teams, James has shown he has the ability to play quick touch football (assist to Bruno against Sociedad) and strike the ball well from inside and outside of the box. James brings speed and nothing but potential to a position that has been United’s number one attacking problem.

Give the Lad a Chance

Daniel James only gives the team upside. That is, with more minutes the young man can mature and grow into a proper player for United. Mind you again he is only 23 and is the fastest player in the United squad. The lad can strike the ball as well as anybody and has already shown glimpses with both United and Wales of what he can be. Then again, he could also go on a terrible run and play himself out of the squad completely. But at least we’d have a final answer then. It’s time for United to give Daniel James the chance to prove whether he will be a star. Or, perhaps James will turn out to be just another Adnan Januzaj.

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