“Day Late, Dollar Short”: Manchester United in the Transfer Market

The Jadon Sancho saga continues to press on. While it might feel this transfer has gone on for longer than others before it, stalling on deals is a Manchester United trademark. Part of being one of the biggest clubs in the world is attracting media attention through every window. However, despite all the rumors United hardly has a clear set strategy in the transfer market. Partially because of the changing of managers in the post-Fergie era and partially from the board’s utter incompetence and lack of footballing knowledge.

With Ole at the helm and Woodward on the way out, there is hope. Yet, Manchester United kept their ways through the early days of this window. Even with a new director of football, one must wonder if Manchester United can get back to prominence in the market. The suggestions below address those worries for United in the transfer market.

Strengthen Us, Weaken Them

A classic trick from Manchester United of old; signing players from other Premier League sides. That move helps weaken the competition and strengthen our squad. However, recently Manchester United hasn’t been able to capture the signature of fellow Premier League players. Other big clubs in England starting following United’s former model and are thriving from it. Now with speculation around Harry Kane’s future, Manchester United aren’t even in the mix. Being too focused on Sancho, United is missing out on one of the biggest names in the Premier League. Worst of all, City and Chelsea are in for Kane. The Manchester United under Fergie would have swooped in and snatched him. Even if Kane doesn’t produce the numbers worthy of a $100 million player, that’s fine! Having Harry Kane performing decently for United is better than watching him thrive for one of our rivals.

On a smaller scale, Manchester United has been missing out on local players with large potentials. Last season United was outwardly searching for a left-footed ball-playing center-back. Nathan Ake from Bournemouth became available, but we did not move on him. Instead, City swooped in and snuck him up for a bargain.

In this window, United still needs support at center-back. Ben White could be available this summer and coming from a fellow Premier League side he will attract big clubs’ attention. A young English center-back makes a lot of sense. The best part is that he wouldn’t come at a massive expense. In the future if White doesn’t grow into the United side then he could be loaned out to increase his value and later sold. Yet, I personally don’t see Manchester United moving on him and Ben White could become a key starter for another rival club.

Big Names that Matter

High-quality player signings help squads grow, but only if they make sense. Manchester United’s board loves to spend big money on players that sometimes don’t fit the needs of the team. Just because a player costs a lot and is marketable doesn’t mean that they will produce results on the pitch. Jadon Sancho comes to mind because the board is looking at him as a cure-all solution. Surely Sancho is a top player, but he isn’t the answer alone. Signing one big-name expensive player cannot flip a club’s fortunes.

In addition to a playmaker (like Sancho) United have other needs to be sorted. This summer the squad needs a high-quality center-back. Sergio Ramos just announced that he is leaving Real Madrid and United need to get on top of his agent. Another player available this summer is Raphaël Varane. The Frenchman is a serial winner and exactly the player to partner Maguire at the back!

Clear Strategy (Quick and Effective)

Finally, above all Manchester United need to have a plan. It feels like the club has a lack of direction in the transfer market. Every year players of all positions get rumored about and signed even though they aren’t what United need. Despite signing a director of football, United haven’t showed clear intention in the transfer market.

It is obvious that United needs another center-back. Given the current financial situation at the club signing, either Varane or Ramos is a no-brainer. Both players have quality, been previous linked with United, and come at a lesser price than they usually would. Forgot about Sancho’s deal being the priority this summer. Regardless if the deal for Sancho goes through or not, the window will only be a success if United brings in either Varane or Ramos. Other additions like a backup right-back or center-defensive midfielder would be welcomed too. Yet, the focus must be addressing the defense for a reasonable price.

Regardless of the player, United must be efficient in the transfer market. The only way to fix the squad issues is to not haggle in the window and address the problems. Add depth, sign quality players, and don’t take years to do it. However, for some reason, the United board can’t seem to understand those concepts.

Glory Glory Man United.

Written by CJ Szaz.

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