Has the Sun Set in Manchester for Tony Martial?

Time and time again, I stare at the telly and watch a Tony Martial with no confidence, miss chance after chance. In a league dominated by strikers of high caliber, United can no longer afford to sit back and allow for lackluster performances from their first-team players. With two goals in the Champions League and two in the Premier League, Tony needs to be put on the clock to perform. 

What would we do without Tony in the equation? I think that answer is simple, give Cavani the chance he has earned. This doesn’t come without issues; however, have Greenwood and Cavani share the responsibility. I dont think that Cavani would have the stamina for a full Prem schedule, so this seems like a great alternative to me. 

Like the Paul Pogba saga, if we (United) want to continue building a contending squad, it’s time for the players, who we consider a part of that equation, to show us they want it. 

If the quality of play does not improve quickly, I’m sure spending a few years in Serie A would be a good alternative. 

The clock is ticking, Tony. Prove me wrong.

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