Is Daniel James Good Enough for Manchester United?

Daniel James has faced his fair share of criticism due to his recent poor run of form. Fans have undoubtedly begun raising questions on the future of players like Jesse Lingard and Andreas Pereira, as well. Those questions have led fans to the issue of Daniel James’s performance. Starting the season blazing hot, James appeared to be a steal for United. However, his lack of goals has left some supporters wondering if Dan James is good enough for Manchester United.

Grit & Hustle

You cannot teach hustle and James has it in bucketloads. Often times, James can be seen as the first man running towards the ball in 50/50 situations. United needs that right now. In games that United have lost the season, maintaining hustle has been an issue in every one of them. Ultimately, being a “big game only” team has led them to playing poorly against lesser sides. Conversely, bringing Daniel James onto the pitch solves that problem. Daniel James consistently brings positivity and hustle to the squad.


Ole loves a quick winger! Daniel James is just that. His pace allows James to get in behind the defense and help support the attack. Additionally, his speed can help the full-backs in defense. James is a raw talent. Ole has the opportunity to improve James and morph him into the attack that fits United’s system. James has a lot of potential and little downside. However, his size has some concerned. Standing at 5’7″, James is never going to be the biggest player on the pitch or even close to it for that matter. What James lacks in height, he makes up for in grit.

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Team First

Another positive for James is that he a team player. Consequently, his personal numbers have suffered. This has led to some of his criticism. Personally, I am okay with his stats failing if it leads to the team succeeding. Numbers also do not tell the whole story. Playmakers, like James, do not always have the best statistics. Former Player of the Month (August 2019), James, knows the importance of the team. Specifically, James said in an interview with MUTV, ” I think every kid grows up wanting to play for Manchester United.”

Final Verdict

Manchester United is a better squad with Daniel James in the line. Even with his recent poor run of form, the intangibles of grit, hustle, and integrity make him an asset to the club. Overall, James benefits United.

Glory Glory Man United

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