Liverpool 19/20 Simply Hasn’t Lived Up To The Hype

As the beginning of the 19/20 Premier League campaign unfolded, pundits and commentators alike seemed to agree that the current squad of Scouse bastards was going to go down as the greatest team of all time.

15 weeks into the season, Liverpool had still not lost a match and were 8 points ahead of Leicester City (not Manchester City). People were already crowning them champions.

In an article on stated on Jan 14th, 2020, “The rest of the footballing world now know what Liverpool fans have known for a long time, and that is that the Reds are one of the best football teams in history. This just isn’t our opinion, but a fact.”

Well that didn’t age well.

Fast forward to last week and Liverpool are out of all domestic cup competitions, as well as European competitions.

No FA Cup. No Champions League. No freakin Carabao Cup.

I didn’t even mention the drubbing they took at the hands of Watford to miss out on being “invincible”.

If wants to talk about facts, let’s talk facts.

Liverpool won’t be winning the Treble, as United did in ’99.

Liverpool won’t be winning the European Cup/Champions League and the Premier League, as United did in ’68 and ’08 (’99 by default).

Liverpool won’t be winning a domestic double, let alone a domestic treble.

So where does this Liverpool team really stack up against other historical greats?

They’re definitely not Top 5, probably not even Top 10. United’s ’99, Barcelona ’08, Man City ’18 (puke), Arsenal ’03, United ’08… I haven’t even mentioned other historical club seasons from Bayern, AC Milan, Inter, and/or Juventus.

Let’s face it, Liverpool ’20 has simply not lived up to the early season hype and are not one of the greatest teams of all time.

“This is just isn’t our opinion, but a fact”.

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