Manchester United Hiring a Director of Football?! Is this Real Life?

Manchester United Appoint Director of Football

When I woke up this morning, I relentlessly snoozed my phone alarm and refused to workout. I have a tendency to do this just about every day and rather than keep in shape, I monotonously scroll Twitter dot com. As has been previously documented, I am in a love/hate relationship with twitter, but today provided some breaking news. Manchester United announced the hiring of John Murtough and Darren Fletcher as the new Director of Football and Technical Director, respectively. In some respects, Ed Woodward is the ultimate businessman and opportunist. Let’s take a quick dive into this breaking news.

What This Hiring Is

Ed Woodward appointed Murtough and Fletcher at their respective positions around midday Manchester time. At first glance, these look like great hires. I’m not going to talk about their histories in depth because you can go to the boring ass journalists like Sam Luckhurst and Simon Peach for that lullaby bullshit. Murtough has some serious pedigree analyzing and fostering players such as Hannibal, Rashford, and Greenwood. With Murtough at the helm, it appears he will be the main contact for transfer negotiations in the future. Fletcher I’m assuming is just pointing him in the right direction for current and prospective players? Your guess is as good as mine.

Back to Murtough though. Hiring a guy with a sharp history of player analysis and performance as the face of transfer negotiations will undoubtedly help the club in negotiations. As far as we know, Woodward was handling this shit before and apart from Bruno, you could argue his transfer record is suspect at best, by not getting the right talent, overpaying for good talent, or underselling outgoing talent. The Woodward SpecialTM as John and Alex refer to it haha. I think with a more pragmatic and fact-based approach with Murtough, I expect more reasonable valuations for deals being done than previously. Manchester United can only go up from what has been happening. Expect more reasonable signings and better priced signings that fit with Ole’s strategic vision for the Club.

What These Hirings Are Not

These appointments are decidedly not a One-shot vaccination (big-ups J&J) to cure Manchester United of their infection. Manchester United have a new DoF who actually understands football, but this doesn’t take away the fact United only have $80m in cash and $471m in debt! Ed Woodward is still a puppet and greedy CEO who doesn’t understand how to run a football club. The Club still have owners who are bleeding the Club dry with $20m yearly dividends being paid to their pockets.

While this is a step in the right direction, don’t forget that Woodward is still Murtough’s boss. Hiring a new DoF won’t miraculously hand Ole a war chest to get the players this club deserve. Woodward is the ultimate opportunist. “When you are fresh meat, kill and throw fresher.” Woodward is just about at the end of his good graces with daily operations, so he is hiring someone else to blame. When things don’t go as you hope this summer (i.e no Sancho, Haaland, Varane etc.) don’t misdirect your attention to Murtough. Focus on the real problem. Green and Gold until the Club is sold!

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