MIDFIELD WOES | How Does Ole Right the Ship?

Insanity is trying the same thing repeatedly and expecting a different outcome.

The start to a new campaign has felt like yet another low caused by a shortened summer and a few lackluster performances from the midfield. The fixtures are coming in hard and fast, the transfer window is shutting, and those suits running the earnings call are just looking forward to another date of record to line their pockets with a yearly dividend. 

Despite the muppetry at the c-suite level, Ole remains dedicated to the squad. With only one confirmed signing this window, Dutchman Donny Van De Beek, United have a more complex situation than the surface lets on. Less than a month in and his agent is already running to the press to complain about playing time.

How does Ole keep his new young midfielder happy?

Apparently Donny’s Agent has since backtracked and said everything’s fine, BUT if having girlfriend has taught me anything, it’s that nothing is ever “fine,” and you have a real issue at hand. Ole needs a change of formation. The 4-2-3-1 employed only “works” for our Portuguese Magnifico. It doesn’t suit anyone else in the midfield. He’s our best player, but is that kind of pressure to always create sustainable? Project restart taught us that when Bruno’s not firing on all cylinders, the whole team is off. 

Ole needs to switch to a 4-3-3. Just hear me out for before you give me the Bernabeu Bale SpecialTM. Our record signing, Paul Pogba, has looked a shell of his former Ballon-d’or-vote-getting self since rejoining. He just isn’t a holding midfielder. He shone on a global stage for playing next to a creator and just in front of an engine. Bruno and Donny should be the first team choices to fill these roles, respectively. 

United 5 – 0 everyone else

A midfield pivot of those 3 allow the squad to be more balanced, and swift in transition play. With an aging Matic who moves slower than a Norwegian cruise ship, McTominay who has all the heart but just not enough skill yet, and a Fred who still doesn’t know what his best position is, it’s worth a shot. Against lower sides, the midfield can often look disjointed and shambolic. They can’t keep meaningful possession or create chances at a high enough rate. The two holding midfielders simply don’t get the job done when we play the bottom-feeders.

Get our new Flying Dutchman some more minutes, and pivot him with our 2 most talented players. I’m here for Ole and the boost in morale he brings, but dare to try something new; nobody likes a one-trick pony. What’s the worst that happens – we lose 3-1 to Crystal Palace?

Oh, one more thing before I forget. #glazersout #sackwoodward #greenandgolduntiltheclubissold

Glory Glory.

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