Manchester United’s Defensive Backbone

Where can United spend the cash to make the biggest impact in the backfield?

We have all heard plenty of talk around Jadon Sancho, but the second most crucial aspect of the summer window will be strengthening the backfield. It seems like in the last few years, Manchester United has worked on cycling some centre-back strength, but with the investment made in Maguire, it’s time to strengthen that partnership and finalize the next few glorious years in front of whoever ends up between the goalposts. Below you will find the picks I think would be suitable to add to our defensive backbone and the honor of wearing the United kit.

Raphael Varane

Varane would add experience and steel to United’s defensive backbone.

A player who needs no proper introduction, Varane, who has spent the better part of the last decade in Madrid, was once a high priority for Alex Fergeson. With the push from Varane to move on, it seems like Manchester would be an excellent possible choice for him in this next chapter of his career. At the age of 28, he certainly has some beautiful prime footballing days left ahead of him, and what better place to spend it? It looks as if Madrid has slapped an £80m valuation on Varane; with the player out of contract next season, this seems like something that should have some wiggle room.

Pau Torres

The player generating a lot of chatter the last few days has been Pau Torres. One of the most attractive aspects of this deal would be Pau’s left-foot ability to the table. Pau brings the unique knowledge of leadership skills that would benefit the partnership with Maguire and aid when and if injury surfaces again. One of United’s main weak points came during poor form matches and injury time for Harry. Someone like Pau could close this gap, metaphorically and literally at centre-back. With a built-in release clause in the ballpark of £55.8m, Manchester United would have to spend some cash, but not as much as I would imagine the Varane deal would require.

Ben White

At the age of 23, Ben White has turned the heads of more than a few Managers in the Premiership and beyond. One of those is reportedly Ole. With an impressive loan spell under his belt, Ben White’s ability to make the Euro squad, and the confidence of Harry Maguire, this could be a good option for United to pursue. Once again, however, it looks like it will cost them in the ballpark of £50 million or above. (

Ultimately, it looks like we will need to go over the £50 million mark to sign any of the above options and to be fair, there are certainly others out there. Given the current transfer climate, and the conversations centered around these three young men, time will tell what happens. One thing is for sure if we want to continue building an excellent starting team, any of these three options injected could only help support the defensive backbone of the United squad.

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