I can’t believe my eyes. I simply never thought this day would never come. Sure, it may be a year late, but who the fuck cares? I live in the present, and right now the present is truly a gift. I have had my Twitter notifications on for the past week and it has finally paid off! Jadon Sancho to Manchester United from the one true source himself.

The muppetry behind this saga has been deafening. The constant back an forth, naggling on prices, fee structure, Rashford getting his twitter account “hacked” yesterday, and whatever other nonsense could be had has all paid off. Manchester United have got their forward of the future. I could not be happier to see one of England’s brightest young talents put on a Red shirt next season. I don’t care what it costs, but I AM going to a home game at Old Trafford this upcoming season. Red looks good on you, Jadon Sancho. Welcome to the greatest club in the history of the world.

Enjoy the madness United fans.

P.S. Southgate is a bitch for refusing to play his best attacking players this whole tournament.

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