Player Profile: Joe Hugill

The 17 year old phenom has made big splashes in his introductions to the U-18 team and continues to impress as he rises through the ranks. What to expect from the rising starlet…

Tall and lanky, this lad. the shirt wears him. But don’t let his height fool you, he’s not just a 6’2″ target man. Joe Hugill is a striker who’s goal scoring acumen has quickly ascended him into the U-23’s; he is playing way beyond his years. The true number 9 brings the same controlled precision to his runs that he displays through his venomous finishing. The right footer can score with the left and the head as well.

Check out this unreal first time finish from his 4 goal masterclass against the scousers (OH by the way he’s scored four goals against Liverpool twice YOU LOVE TO SEE IT).

Since Joining Manchester United in the summer of 2020 the 17 year old has recorded 19 Matches with 15 goals and 2 assists between the U-18’s, 21’s and 23’s. More importantly, in the U-23’s alone, Hugill has played 12 times and has scored 9 goals and provided 1 assist; an excellent return for playing above his age group.

Deceptively pacey, long, and a deadly finisher, the Englishmen has unsurprisingly drawn comparisons to his fellow countryman Harry Kane. The kid has some large boots to fill to live up to those expectations

Areas to improve for Joe:

He is 55% skin, 45% bone. He needs to bulk up in order to succeed moving forward. again, he is 17 so he has time for that.

Although deceptively pacey, Hugill needs to improve upon his pace, as right now he relies more on his timing. He does, however, have quick feet with the ball.

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