Protect Manchester United’s Youth!

Protect the Youth

The future of any club, especially Manchester United, is the youth. It is the responsibility of the club to protect their youth, both from outside clubs and the media. This past week rumors have come out that Barcelona is sniffing around United’s U23 squad. Specifically they have been looking at Arnau Puigmal. This is a talented youth that the Reds can’t afford to lose.  Another youth that has been in the firing line is the extremely talented Mason Greenwood. Below I will discuss why United need to protect both of these youths.

Arnau Puigmal

Rumors have been swirling around this week that Barcelona has been looking into adding Arnau Puigmal to their academy. This is not a player that United can afford to lose. There are many reasons why Barcelona wants to bring the Spaniard back to his homeland. So far this season, Puigmal is tied for the lead in assists and goals for United’s U23s.

His pace down the wing dismantles defenses and his clever low crosses often find a teammate’s foot. United cannot lose a talent like Puigmal. Ed Woodward will need to find some shred of competence and protect this young talent from being poached by other clubs. Even if Barcelona fades away there will be others.

Arnau Puigmal of Manchester United U18s in action during the U18 Premier League North match between Manchester United U18s and Newcastle United U18s at Aon Training Complex on October 6, 2018 in Manchester, England.

Mason Greenwood

Since Mason Greenwood breached quarantine while on international duty, the English rags have been truly awful to the young man. They have called into question his dedication and his work ethic. One trash article questioned his sleeping habits. This week a story has been circulating that sheds some light on the situation.

Greenwood is currently mourning the death of a close friend, Jeremy Winsten. Too often people forget that players are human, not mindless robots. Even more so, people forget that Greenwood is just a kid, and right now he is a kid dealing with an unimaginable loss. Mason, know that we are behind you now and forever.

You are the chosen one, destined to lead us back to glory!

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