Goodbye, Paul Pogba

I have tried to show Ole and Woodward the path to righteousness, but they just won’t listen. I am afraid the inevitable is upon us. Paul Pogba is leaving Manchester United for good. I’m fighting back my tears. You just don’t know when you’ve got something good. This lamentation is for what once was, and will never be again. I will miss you, Paul Pogba.

Pogba Loves an International Break

It is his only time he feels happy, probably. No offense to the good people of Manchester, but it rains all the time. When Paul travels back to his native country, he is met with smiles and sunshine. For a couple weeks, he can forget his reality as a Manchester United man, and return to the team he helped guide to a World Cup in 2016.

Last international break, Pogba took to the media to admit his desires to link up with Los Blancos in Madrid. This time, he hired someone to do his dirty work. No, it wasn’t some world renowned PR. Pogba hired his national team coach, Didier Deschampes. See the story here. To be honest, I feel bad for the international soccer star with access to unlimited money, marketing deals, and a trophy case many only dream of. Life is tough when your club team can’t figure out how to keep you happy.

A Deeper Look at Pogba in Red

Want to be surprised? Take a look at his stats here. He has 33 goals and 35 assists in 175 appearances in a United Shirt, and had 34 and 40 in 178 for Juventus. Thats pretty consistent if you ask me. Assuming his play is consistent, you can argue just about everything else in his time as a senior Red Devil was inconsistent. Our Dear Leader Jozay ran a kangaroo-court as manager, and Ole Gunnar Solsjkaer is most famous for being as inconsistent as they come. These are cold hard facts and definitely not biased at all.

A deeper look reveals Paul Pogba has been playing a position he isn’t necessarily great at. Paul Pogba won Ballon D’or votes at Juventus for his attacking play and goal-contribution ability, not his defensive acumen. Sticking a midfielder who loves attacking in a role that requires him to defend a lot isn’t an ideal fit, but that’s just my bias. Perhaps if he could roam the final two thirds, and not be as focused on the first third, his tally could be even larger.

Stages of Grief – Acceptance

This portion of my blog is sponsored by PinterestTM. People say Pogba was a failure here, but I don’t believe that. Sure he came for a lot of money, but is that his fault? He played well for a large club and won silverware for them.

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The first of many

History will not repeat itself. Pogba first left as a youth and came back as our Talisman. Unfortunately, Pogba will leave in the summer for a team who’s owners actually care about the product on the pitch, and will never look back.

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I’m starting to get in my feels

Some fans of this club are too focused on the number of breaths with Paul Pogba, and instead they forget the moments that take our breath away. Do you remember the half volley against Swansea? What about the double at the Etihad?

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I’m crying uncontrollably

Im guilty of it, you reading this is guilty of it, we are all guilty of it. We took the reign of SAF for granted, and thought trophies would never stop coming. Fast Forward 7 years, and life is not the same. If we don’t support Pogba and this club at their lows, then we don’t deserve them at their best.

I Will Miss You

Seeing someone you appreciate move on to bigger and better things hurts. The sun doesn’t shine as bright as it used to. The once vivid imagery begins to fade. The memories fade.

Thank you, Paul Pogba. Don’t listen to the haters, I know you tried. You are onto bigger and better things, and I hope Real Madrid will take care of you. Actually I know they will. Casemiro will take charge over your defensive duties, and you will flourish. I hate to see you go, but I love to watch you leave.

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