Should Dean Henderson Take Over as Manchester United’s #1 Keeper?

This is going to be a tough decision for Ole. David De Gea is still one of the world’s best when he is on his game. However, recently we have not seen that ‘world-class’ De Gea. De Gea has been one of my favorite players, but looking purely at this season, Henderson is the better goalkeeper. While De Gea can be class, Dean Henderson looks to be the future keeper for United. The question remains, when will he take over, and what happens to Dave Saves?

Next Season

De Gea has saved United year-in and year-out from 2014-2018 and he deserves a chance to regain his form. The next 12 months are massive for De Gea. If he does not improve and collect his form, then his position for the Red Devils will surely be given up to Dean Henderson.

After That

If De Gea regains his form, it still may not be enough to avoid his position being handed to Dean Henderson. Next season is a test for Dean Henderson, while De Gea is more of backup plan if Dean implodes. Unless Dave Saves shows that he can be world-class again, the potential England #1 should be the new keeper for the Red Devils. Henderson might accept going on loan again for another season, but he will not wait forever to become United’s main man between the sticks.

United will have to make one of these lads the first choice keeper, while the other will move on to another club. Neither player should be a second choice keeper. De Gea was arguably the world’s best in 2017 and can’t be stuck to a bench for the remainder of his career, and Henderson will want more game-time in order to assert himself as England’s main keeper.

If David De Gea doesn’t have one of the best seasons of his career, then Dean will take over. Henderson is the future of United purely because he has more potential. Ole’s system has been consistently youth-focused and Dean Henderson fits that gameplan. While De Gea has been great for United, Henderson provides more potential and Ole will get behind him for that.

Manchester United loanee Dean Henderson sends Gareth Southgate ...

Graceful Send-Off

Financially, selling De Gea right now doesn’t make sense. Assuming he regains some form next year, De Gea’s value will improve and United should sell him then. Next year is important for De Gea because he deserves to be remembered by United fans in an honorable fashion. Dean Henderson looks like the future of United and De Gea will most likely move-on once Dean is ready. David deserves all the best and hopefully will join a club that he can lead and rebuild his confidence at.

Glory Glory Man United.

Written by CJ Szaz.

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